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  1. eroyee

    Pin Codes

    For anyone that was asking about how to get pin codes, here's what I did. I went on the disneyworld website and planned a vacation for December. Then, I did the customized maps and then ordered a vacation planning video. It wasn't a week later that I got a pin code for December. It's only...
  2. eroyee

    DVC points

    I know I read this somewhere but I can't find it. If we book a DVC villa by renting points, can we get free dining if it comes up during our stay? thank you so much.
  3. eroyee

    Where do I go?

    I have an unused day on an old ticket. where do I go to add it to my current 6 day park hopper ticket? I searched and cant find a link or anything. any link or help would be appreciated. we will be checking into POR in 8 days. yaaay.....
  4. eroyee

    Christmas trees

    Why dont you guys that have all disney trees post some pics of them? If this is already on here somewhere dont yell at me. Just tell me where they are. I would love to see them. :xmas:
  5. eroyee

    flying into Orlando Sanford

    We are thinking of maybe flying into Orlando Sanford next trip. Does it cost a lot to rent one of the towncars and how long does the trip take? Also, what should we tip the drivers? We have never done this before. thanks.
  6. eroyee

    Disney DVC getaway days..

    Anyone near or around Chicago they are having a disney getaway days DVC event on Feb. 9 at the Woodfield Mall in Chicago. you can win 3 yrs. of vacations, meet Mickey and friends and tour a DAK villa model. wish I were closer......
  7. eroyee

    Easter at the park

    :wave: Can anyone at the parks today let us know the crowd levels, etc.? I am just curious since we always go in Dec. thanks and happy easter to all.
  8. eroyee

    We got a dream fastpass at Epcot!!

    :wave: Hi. we were at Epcot a few days ago and we had just rode on Soarin 2 times and done the new clamobiles at the living seas and I told DH, lets go on Figment since no one else does. so, we got there and the pavilion door opened and there were about 5 people with white jackets on standing...
  9. eroyee

    changing resorts during your stay...

    :wave: Hi. I was wondering how you get from one resort to another if you change resorts like 4 days at one and 3 at another. we wont have a car. do you call a taxi? Do you just check out and close the deal on the room at the one resort and re-register again at the other one? Do you start...
  10. eroyee

    customized park maps

    :wave: Hi. I just got an email that my customized park maps are on their way, shipped out yesterday. woo hoo!!! Still no planning DVD, though. 23 days till our next magical vacation at the world.!!:sohappy: :xmas:
  11. eroyee

    Travel Channel

    :wave: Hi, Guys!!! Dont forget...at 6 and 7 p.m. tonite theres 2 shows on the Travel Channel about Disney World. Yaay! Yes, I have probably seen them but I dont care!! lol. 35 days till our next magical vacation to the world. woo hoo!!:sohappy: :xmas:
  12. eroyee

    disney gift card

    :wave: My son gave me a Disney gift card. Has anyone tried to use one of these at the dining places in Disney World yet? I cant find anywhere on that site just where they accept it. I knew someone here will know. thanks. 38 days till our next magical vacation at the world. woo hoo...
  13. eroyee

    special room code:

    :wave: I get a little disney newsletter today and it listed a room only code called BPO: not the BPN one. its for 8/27-8/31 and 9/3-9/30. Its $64 a nite for selected value resorts. thats all it says. has to be booked by Aug. 18th. dont know if any of you want to try it or not but thought I...
  14. eroyee

    Pirates show on the History Channel

    :wave: Hi. Tonite on the History Channel at 8 p.m. theres a show on the "real pirates." might be interesting.
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