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    Handwich vs. Bread Cones

    What has made the bread cones so relatively successful, compared to their earlier incarnation as the Handwich? Also, are the bread cones still being brought out every year on a seasonal basis?
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    Alternate History Timeline Thread Involving Disney

    I have a special alternate history timeline project that a lot of you might be interested in. It's a timeline in which Kurt Cobain doesn't commit suicide (doesn't even try heroin), and its effects on the world at large, particularly on politics and the entertainment industry. I certainly won't...
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    I Want To Share An Alternate History Project, But Where Do I Post It?

    I have something I'd really like to share with the people on this forum. It's an alternate history timeline project I've made about a world/timeline where Kurt Cobain doesn't commit suicide (doesn't even try heroin), and the impact it has on the world at large, especially politics and the...
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    Support Our Cinemas!

    Says it all in the title really. Our cinemas need access to capital to stay afloat just in case the crisis worsens, and they need event movies to reopen. Mulan could easily do both theatres and Disney+ at the same time in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australasia...
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    James Cameron, Avatar, Alien 5 and more

    Sigourney Weaver was recently interviewed. During it, she commented on the upcoming Avatar sequels and the shuttering of Neill Blomkamp's planned Alien film by Fox. https://screenrant.com/alien-5-blomkamp-james-cameron-sigourney-weaver/ It's fair to say that when the acquisition is finished...
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    Blast From The Past-Could Port Charles Have Succeeded?

    During its run from June 1997 to October 2003, the 30-minute General Hospital spinoff series Port Charles was a favorite of the critics, but never was the breakaway hit that ABC had longed for. In its attempt to fill the slot that belonged to The City and compete directly with The Young & the...
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    Ground fires for Disney's next investors call?

    We're not that far out from Disney's next investors/analysts call headed by Iger. At this moment, there are several elements of contention that I hope the company actually moves to get out in front of. -What is Disney's official position regarding James Gunn? If nothing has changed, why is...
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    Walt And His Stamp-Figures The Company Gravitates To

    As Bob Thomas famously declared in his 1976 biography which, along with Neil Gabler's massive work, form the absolute best books about Walt ever written, he was "an American original", the type of individual who represented what more of us should aspire to be like, and a visionary with his mind...
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    Your Perfect Version of USF

    If you were allowed to make your own perfect version of Universal Studios Florida, what would it be like. What current attractions would you keep, what old attractions would you bring back, and what would you remove? Feel free to post your vision and share. For starters, here's my perfect...
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