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  1. Jasonflz

    Bruce Broughton Theme Park Music - Intrada Box Set

    http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6704&start=15 Discussion is here. Apparently Bruce Broughton confirmed on a podcast that both he and Intrada (the record label) have officially mastered and finished the long awaited box set which should include: -Ellen’s Energy Adventure -The...
  2. Jasonflz

    Job Oppurtunities

    Hey everyone! Come this April, me and a friend are planning to move up to the Orlando/Kissimmee area. I am 18 years old and have been going to Disney since I was born. I would love to work for the company (in the parks hopefully) and am doing some research on the careers offered there. That...
  3. Jasonflz

    USO Questions

    I just have 2 questions regarding the Orlando Studios. 1. First, has there been any word regarding the Transformers attraction? With DOTM's success, you would think a nice cash in would be in order. 2. Second, why the lack of a tram tour? Watching videos of USH's, it seems that it could be...
  4. Jasonflz

    DHS and Narnia

    Recently, during a "worst attractions" poll on a previous forum, I suddenly remembered the awful Narnia attraction in DHS. Just some questions; why did Disney keep this "show" considering the lack of major popularity for the films, and why hasn't it been used to at least promote current...
  5. Jasonflz

    A Magic Kingdom Medley *Updated!

    Please Read Before Downloading: Over one year ago, I started off my series of theme park Medlies with "A Magic Kingdom Medley". The idea was originally this; create a compilation of music from an individual park to provide a fun listening experience. After brainstorming the concept I suddenly...
  6. Jasonflz

    Disney on Piano

    Does anyone have sheet music for the following attractions; Ellen's energy adventure Honey I Shrunk The Audience Alien Encounter (Seize the Future) Timekeeper (Either version) Spaceship Earth (current score but old is perfectly fine) Mission Space Canada And any other...
  7. Jasonflz

    Pixar Place Questions

    Considering that Pixar Place, at the moment, is fairly shorthanded when it comes to attractions how exactly does it plan to expand. Are there any plans at the moment for an additional attraction if it does become feasible? Also, where exactly can they expand the area into? There doesn't...
  8. Jasonflz

    Le Visionarium in Concert

    According to MiceChat; "Le Visionarium (Timekeeper) in Concert with Bruce Broughton! Bruce Broughton, Composer of the famed but sadly removed attraction "Le Visionarium" will present his magnificent score at this year's film music gala concert "Hollywood in Vienna" (in Vienna) on September...
  9. Jasonflz

    Super 8- Amazing

    Just back from J.J. Abram's newest film, Super 8. The fact that alot of the movie is still a mystery is a breath of fresh air for me. Seeing it with as little knowledge as possible made it all the more worthwhile. That being said, let me dive into a little review of the film: (a little warning...
  10. Jasonflz

    HHN Orlando Review 2010

    Here is my review for HHN XX. (WARNING: Spoiler Alert) Having never experienced HHN before, visiting during the infamous 20 Years of FEAR theme was a real treat. I was able to experience the various characters from the past as well as some newer, equally terrifying characters. Definitely a...
  11. Jasonflz

    Star Tours: The Adventure Continues Composer

    Sorry if this has already been posted but, if you visit Michael Giacchino's main website, you'll see that one of his "upcoming" projects includes the new Star Tours attraction.
  12. Jasonflz

    An Epcot Medley: Improved and Updated

    Please Read Before Downloading: Back in January and February, I created several medlies about the Disney Parks. These were meant to create a feeling of traveling throughout the parks using music that was naturally heard in the parks. The medlies received good feedback and I decided to continue...
  13. Jasonflz

    Universal Studios: The Game

    This thread is for my next project. This game will be similar to the WDW one, but will prominently feature a movie theme and have USF as it's main location.
  14. Jasonflz

    Goofy's Barnstormer's- Project 9

    Congratulations guys for making it to Project 9. We need our new team leader soon.
  15. Jasonflz

    Universal Studios Orlando and IOA Medlies

    And it got moved. That being said, here are two medlies for a non-Disney that still has tons of great music. Universal Studios: http://www.mediafire.com/?zyymljlwmif Islands Of Adventure: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H7AVC311 EDIT: Link for Universal Studios fixed.
  16. Jasonflz

    A Disneyland Medley

    Originally posted on General Discussion. Finally, a Medley for the original happiest place on earth. Enjoy. :wave: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F1YAPI6X
  17. Jasonflz

    A Disneyland Medley

    Finally, a Medley for the original happiest place on earth. Enjoy. :wave: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F1YAPI6X
  18. Jasonflz

    D-Oscar Celebrate Awards

    Over on Mousebits.com (a very good file sharing site for Disney fans) a new Oscars style awards will be presented. (it's not mine) In the meantime, everyone is posting their list of what they think should win for each individual category on the "ballots". What we need YOU to do is to head...
  19. Jasonflz

    Port Orleans Medley

    Enjoy the jazzy stylings of the Port Orleans Riverside Medley. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M84TL7IP
  20. Jasonflz

    Animal Kingdom Medley

    Here it is! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V9VQTBMF Enjoy.
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