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  1. Fashionista007

    Disneyland Paris Day Trip May 2013

    Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since I have posted a trip report here, I have been quite busy since I moved to Orlando last April :) You can read all about my adventures on my blog (link in my signature). Please enjoy my recap of a short day trip I took to Disneyland Paris recently...
  2. Fashionista007

    Dreams Do Come True in New Orleans WDW 2.2012 Relocation Prep

    We just returned from a very magical life changing trip to Walt Disney World. The purpose of this trip was for me and my husband, Jason, to find a house to rent because we are moving to Orlando in April 2012! This trip report will be a bit different because we spent a lot of time off property...
  3. Fashionista007

    Giving away 40th Anniversary Maps

    Hello Disney friends! If anyone is interested, I am giving away free WDW 40th Anniversary Maps, check it out! http://disneymanners.com/2011/10/free-giveaway-magic-kingdom-40th-anniversary-map/ Have a magical day! :wave:
  4. Fashionista007

    True Love Conquers All - Disney Fairytale Wedding & Disneymoon Sept 2011

    I wake up every morning wondering if it was a dream. It was my dream come true – I got married at the Wedding Pavilion in Walt Disney World. I married my best friend who shares my love for Walt Disney and his legacy. I am just the luckiest girl in the world! How It All Began My name is...
  5. Fashionista007

    Which Camera?

    I'm getting married in September and we finally decided to drop our old P&S and invest in a DSLR. I received a Target gift card and we want to use it to help pay for the camera. We're looking for something for beginners and a bit antiquated because we can only afford about $500 total. I found a...
  6. Fashionista007

    Moving to Florida for many reasons

    DF and I are seriously thinking about moving to Florida after our last trip to WDW. We passed by a really nice residential neighborhood on our way back to MCO and it said the houses were in the low $100s?? We're from Baltimore and the cost of living here is very high. We are thinking we would...
  7. Fashionista007

    I Love You...I Know...Wedding Planning and Star Wars Weekends May 2011

    We have just returned from yet another magical vacation to The Walt Disney World Resort filled with perfect memories that I can’t wait to share with you! This trip was split between Wedding Planning and Star Wars Weekends. We are getting married at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion on September 27...
  8. Fashionista007

    Star Wars Weekends?

    Hello all! We're going down to the World for our very first SWW in just 4 weeks and I was wondering how do you get to DHS early before it opens to get in line for celebrity autograph FPs? We generally use Disney transportation so we won't have a car. Can we get a cab? We're staying at CBR...
  9. Fashionista007

    Richard from the Friendship at EPCOT

    I recently celebrated my 30th birthday in WDW in September 2010. I wore my button proudly all week and I even added my age on there. I'm not one of those girls who is sad to turn 30, I welcomed it because frankly my 20's sucked (no money to go to WDW lol). Magical things happened all week but on...
  10. Fashionista007

    Confessions of a DFTW Bride To Be

    I found a thread on another site (gasp! there are other disney forums!) and it really helped me get the full picture of a Disney Fairytale Wedding so I decided to share my experiences with all of you. The Proposal September 21, 2010 on Peter Pan's Flight during MNSSHP. For more details, see my...
  11. Fashionista007

    Fairy Tale Engagement and Birthday Celebration!

    Hello everybody! I hope you enjoy my trip report for my 30th Birthday celebration week September 19th – 25th, 2010. It was another successful Walt Disney World vacation filled with magic and a surprise engagement! It was everything I could have ever hoped for and I can’t wait for my Disney Fairy...
  12. Fashionista007

    Online Check In - Free Upgrades?

    I have gotten free room upgrades many times at the Disney resorts but I was wondering what are the chances of getting a free upgrade if you do the online check in?
  13. Fashionista007

    Charging to the room?

    I was thrown a curve ball yesterday when my mechanic suggested I purchase a new car because mine isn't really safe to drive and fixing it would cost more than the value of the car. So I'm looking to buy a car this weekend, 17 days before my WDW vacation. I am wondering how charging to the room...
  14. Fashionista007

    Celebrating a Birthday at WDW

    I'm getting ready to celebrate my 30th Birthday next month in WDW and I am wondering what experiences other adults have had celebrating a birthday in WDW? I caught a clip of a British lady on youtube having Happy Birthday sung to her by an entire bus. I really was only expecting the occasional...
  15. Fashionista007

    AKL Bus Route

    I will be staying at the AKL in September and I was wondering if they still have their own bus route? The last time I stayed there in 2002 they did not share a bus route with any other hotel and it was pretty sweet. Just wondering, thanks! :wave:
  16. Fashionista007

    30th Birthday Celebration Pre-Trip Report

    Ya'll might remember me from my first TR: March 2009 or one of my numerous threads about being jobless during the recession. It has been a rough road these past 2 years but I am glad to say I am returning to WDW (AKL Savannah View) September 19th - 25th with my wonderful boyfriend of 4 years. We...
  17. Fashionista007

    Les Chefs De France

    I recently made an ADR for Les Chefs De France in September. The only reason I made it was because I had heard they have a Remy AA that they bring to your table on a cart. There is no information on the WDW website about this, is this still going on? How often do they bring him out?
  18. Fashionista007

    How far in advance?

    I am seriously planning a trip to WDW in October 2010 and I was just wondering how far in advance can I book it? The disney website won't give me a quote for that far in the future.
  19. Fashionista007


    I am so frustrated right now with the job market. I am a web developer with 9 years of experience and I was laid off in October. I was only unemployed for 2 weeks and then I started a part time freelance contract thus negating my unemployment insurance. Once that contract ended, there were no...
  20. Fashionista007

    A Jolly Holiday 3/23 - 3/30

    This is my first attempt at a trip report and I really enjoy reading all of yours so I hope you enjoy mine :) It’s been almost 6 years since my last trip to Disney World in October 2003 and I am so excited to be going from March 23rd – 30th 2009. We originally planned this trip for December...
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