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  1. Horizons1

    Help With Making A Career Out of WDW

    Hi. First of all I know this post should be in the Employment forum but I already posted there and it doesn't seem to get much traffic. So forgive me ahead of time for posting in General Discussion. Flame me, ignore me, whatever. I'm just a guy trying to find his way with people that may be able...
  2. Horizons1

    Help With Making A Career Out of WDW

    Hi. I graduated from college a year ago with a bachelors. I love WDW and I love theme parks. I would love to make a career out of working at WDW and work my way up to the top. Anyways, I've worked at WDW before in a PI. I was in the horticulture program for a summer. It was a wonderful...
  3. Horizons1

    Skull Rock in the Jungle Cruise?

    Was skimming through the library a while back and I found an old WDW book. While flipping through its pages I found something interesting: a photo of Skull Rock. The caption from the book claims this is a scene from the Jungle Cruise. I know DL had a Skull Rock at one time, but this is the first...
  4. Horizons1

    Old Contemporary Christmas Lighting

    Is my memory fuzzy or at one time did the lights on the outside of the Contemporary get switched to red and green lights for Christmas? I'm talking about the lights that line the outside of the building from top to bottom. I seem to recall this from when I was a young child.
  5. Horizons1

    The Old Fort Wilderness Logo (Mickey with a Boomstick)

    When was the old Fort Wilderness logo removed and discontinued? The logo I'm talking about is the one where Mickey is dressed like Davey Crockett and is holding a boomstick. And does anyone happen to have a good scan of the logo? All I can find is little dinky versions of it.
  6. Horizons1

    New WDW Monorail T-Shirt

    Found this at the Boardwalk yesterday. I'm not a big fan of these types of T-shirts, but I do love that it has the original WDW logo. That, and it's got the RIGHT castle this time.
  7. Horizons1

    4th of July Fireworks Being Shown on July 3rd?

    Does anyone know if the MK's 4th of July fireworks will also be shown on the 3rd? For the past few years they have been and I've attended with friends, but there is usually an annoucement before online. I haven't heard anything this year.
  8. Horizons1

    Trying To Save Some Cash In Good Ol' College

    So, as I've come to discover within these hallowed halls, textbook prices are off the charts. But I'm sure this is no surprise to a lot of you. But even used books are really expensive. And when I go to sell books back, I hardly get anything for them. Does anyone know of any other places...
  9. Horizons1

    Imagineering The Magic: The Magic Kingdom

    I did a search on the forums and didn't find anything about this DVD set. Does anyone know anything about this? It's a 2-disc DVD that I came across when I was at the village the other night. It retails for $25. Disc 1 has a 100 minute feature on the creation of the Magic Kingdom. Disc 2...
  10. Horizons1

    "Experience the Monorail" T-shirt discontinued?

    Hey guys, does anyone happen to know if this shirt has been discontinued? I've looked all over MouseGear and the Emporium and found no trace of it. I found the grey shirt with the monorail speil in spanish, but not this one. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. Here's a picture in case...
  11. Horizons1

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Codes

    Alright folks, the game's been out and I know I can't be the only one one the boards who has it. So who's ready to have their butt kicked? Just line up and I'll get to ya as soon as I can. Name: Billy Code: 0001-3309-8616 So come on, post your codes, add each other. Let's get Brawling...
  12. Horizons1

    YOAMUD#5! - Oy, what a World

    Greetings folks and salutations to all you non-folks. Welcome to the Year of A Million Updates! And this one is very special because its the 5th installment! So to mark this milestone, I'll be putting pictures in this update. It'll almost be like you're there! And now, without further a do...
  13. Horizons1

    I'm a man of "The World"

    Just made this T-shirt yesterday (with some help of course, otherwise it would be a pile of ashes right now) and I was a thinking you guys would maybe like to kinda be able to see it... I think it came out pretty good. And its definately a good start for the next one I do (if I do get...
  14. Horizons1

    YOAMUD#4 - There is no update...

    HA! April Fools! Ok, so I'm a few hours early but hey, I've got the holiday spirit. And at the end of a day when too many jokes have gone wrong and possibly caused death or worse, isn't that what really counts? Got some good stuff for you today, castles and monsters and islands of...
  15. Horizons1

    YOAMUD#3! Echo Lake lives up to its name now...

    Well howdy folks! Welcome to the Year of A Million Updates. With these 15 month updates, we (actually just me) hope to make to your updates...upitty. Updates range from construction walls to new attractions and shows. And one very special update will have a night... in the park, till...
  16. Horizons1

    YOAMUD#2!-Well, atleast a few of my bones arent broken...

    Greetings and happy new year to one and all. Welcome to my Year of A Million Updates #2! My name is Horizons1 and I will be your guide for todays journey into NYE at Epcot. Please keep all hands, arms, feet, legs, and any other body parts you are particularly fond of inside the vehicle at all...
  17. Horizons1

    Year of A Million Updates! 10-22-06

    Howdy folks, welcome to the one and original Horizons1 update! Since this years celebration is the Year of A Million Dreams, Im going to try to match it with the Year of A Million updates! Ive got 15 months so I figure that will give me plenty of time to get a Million updates in. (I am going...
  18. Horizons1

    DS Friend Code Topic 2!

    Well, I had originally posted this in the videogaming forum but I noticed that forum doesnt get viewed much so I am posting this here. Maybe the searched ones will come forward... So anyways, I figured since there are a few people on the boards who own a DS, we should do a Friend Code Topic...
  19. Horizons1

    DS Friend Code Topic

    Ok guys, I figured since there are a few people on the boards who own a DS, we should do a Friend Code Topic. That way we can play each other (and maybe get some bragging rights ;) ) So just post your Friend Codes and lets do it! And to start off, here's my own: Mario Kart DS: 073076...
  20. Horizons1

    Expedition Animal Kingdom 7-15-06

    Well, I headed over to AK today to check out whats going on with Nemo and just to chill out in the park. Got some great pictures for you guys, I hope you all enjoy. Oh, I have had a few questions in my previous updates about photos as wallpapers. Yes, I do have them in wallpaper sizes, so if...
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