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  1. worldfanatic


    Previously, only serious WDW fans would recognize that I'm representing the "World" on my car. Most people probably think this vintage Epcot logo is some goofy random design. But yesterday I upped the stakes..... My new plates came in. Although the DMV lady said she liked my "wide world"...
  2. worldfanatic

    Pre-Trip OKW & POLY - Let the Island Living Begin (WDW Style)!!

    While I've visited Disney World 8 of the last 10 years, it feels like it's been forever because I missed 2015 and it's been almost 2 years since being at my favorite place on the planet. That'll change very soon!!!!! I can't remember the exact reason I didn't go last year, but it had something...
  3. worldfanatic


    I have to laugh. I've been logging on literally hundreds upon hundreds of times over the last several months with no problems. And then on the day I've been waiting for, my Fastpass + booking day, it's been down all morning. Typical......just typical. lol
  4. worldfanatic

    New years eve at DOWNTOWN DISNEY??

    I'm getting an early start to planning this year. My wife and I decided it would be fun to join in the madness and bring in 2012 on Disney property this year. I've booked a relatively cheap rate at the Anaheim Marriott for Dec 31 through Jan 2. And plan to check in sometime on the evening...
  5. worldfanatic

    'Ohana dining time?

    We've got ADR's for 'Ohana on our coming December trip. We're looking forward to it, and it'll be our first time eating there for dinner. I know it's a little different style of service in that you don't order off a menu, and instead they bring you courses of food, one after another. My...
  6. worldfanatic

    Fired up for new Disneyland Hotel Bar!!!

    While I love the parks, the Disney Hotels are where the magic really takes hold for me. At both DLR and WDW, it's the resorts I dream about when thinking about my next trip. As a Disney freak and a SO CAL local, I spend a lot of time at the Disneyland Resort. I just recently got back from a...
  7. worldfanatic

    2010 Vacation Planner

    Anybody get their 2010 Vacation planner yet from DVC? I'm pretty sure I saw they would be mailed out this month.
  8. worldfanatic

    Total rookie move - deleted epic picture

    So last month as my plane circled Disney World before landing at Orlando International, the Animal Kingdom Lodge (my destination) came into full view off the left side of the plane. I quickly snapped a picture which was amazing! Jambo house and Kidani village from above in all their glory...
  9. worldfanatic

    No computer, where can I get internet access?

    I'll be at the AKL from Sept. 6 - Sept. 12. My wife has forbid me from taking the laptop. Which is fine, I don't need to be looking at a computer screen while I'm at the best place on earth. I actually prefer not to have it. Here's my problem. I trade stocks quite a bit and may need to get...
  10. worldfanatic

    Arriving time changed. Do i need to contact magical express?

    Recently got word from American Airlines that my flight arriving into Orlando this september has changed. The flight # is different, and the arrival time is 2 hours later. (Bummer, 2 less hours in the World) Question is, as long as I get my Magical Express confirmation booklet, do I need to...
  11. worldfanatic

    Disney Radar on my computer

    As a desert rat, one of the things I love about Disney World is the tropical greenery which comes from the large amount of rain the area gets. No such moisture for us here in Palm Springs. Being both a Disney and a weather junkie, I've found a way to combine my passions. In my favorites...
  12. worldfanatic

    Sept 6-12 pre trip AKL "NO Park Experiment"

    (Sorry, this is amazingly long for a 6 night pre trip report, I'm really EXCITED!) I can't believe we're actually gonna do this. But this September, my wife and I are gonna stay inside Disney World for 6 nights and NOT VISIT THE PARKS (not even the water parks). HAVE WE GONE NUTS???? The...
  13. worldfanatic

    Cruise - before or after WDW?

    I'm doing a 6 nights at AKL followed by a 7 night cruise in september. I think I screwed up. All I can think about is the WDW part of it, maybe I should have saved it for after the cruise. Make it the finale of my vacation. Or maybe it's a good thing. I won't have that depression I normally...
  14. worldfanatic

    Using Disney World for Discipline

    I understand parents at Disney World threatening their kids with leaving a park, or not going on a particular ride if they don't behave. But my situation is ridiculous! My wife, Tracy, was furious at me this morning. (I forgot to do some chores she needed done before friends visit today.)...
  15. worldfanatic

    Finally tried Napa Rose & Steakhouse 55 for Dinner

    The Wife & I just returned from a 3 night stay at the Grand Californian to celebrate my 42 Birthday. What an awesome hotel!! Even though the DL resort is in our backyard, we had never eaten at the top two high end Disney resort restaurants, Napa Rose at the GC, and Steakhouse 55 at the DL...
  16. worldfanatic

    NBA finals: It's Disneyland vs. Disneyworld

    In this corner, representing Southern California and Disneyland - THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS. In this corner, representing the Orlando area and Disneyworld - THE ORLANDO MAGIC. WHO ARE YOU ROOTING FOR???? Even though I live in Southern California, I can't stand the Lakers. So I've got to support...
  17. worldfanatic

    Ever done anything stupid to spoil part of WDW for you?

    Back in 2002, my then girlfriend (now wife) were staying at All Star Sports and had enjoyed a day lounging and relaxing by the pool. We were very content. I was excited because we had priority seating lined up for dinner at Marrakesh in Epcot. I had never eaten there and couldn't wait to try it...
  18. worldfanatic

    2010 vacation planner

    Anybody get the new DVC Vacation Planner yet? I'm getting tired of living in a tent by the mailbox.
  19. worldfanatic

    Home resort early booking window

    To me, the major advantage of owning DVC at a particular location is the ability to book your home resort 4 months before other members. I love owning at Boardwalk because it pretty much guarantees I can get a room on the Boardwalk (which, in my opinion, is the best view in all of WDW). I...
  20. worldfanatic

    Which savanna at Jambo house?

    I'll be staying at the AKL is september with a savanna villa reserved at Jambo house ( I'll try Kidani village next time). I'm quite confident whichever savanna I'm put on will be fantastic, but it's still fun to make a request and see if you get it. I know there's been plenty of threads...
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