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  1. DisneyJayL

    Avengers End Game

    Surprised not to see this one up yet. It’s going to be big!
  2. DisneyJayL

    Black Panther

    Teaser coming tonight. Can it generate the same hype as Thor especially after Black Panther almost stole the shoe in Civil War.
  3. DisneyJayL

    Hello from Pensacola/Pace, Florida

    I just found this though I've been on the website/app now a while. I'm Jay from Alabama living on the Gulf Coast. Been a Disney fan for a while now. With a family of 7 people everyone wants to know how I make it to Disney every year and sometimes twice. PROPER PLANNING. Anyway, I'm having a...
  4. DisneyJayL

    Captain America : Civl War

    How is there not a thread on this yet? This movie is shaping up to be yet another hit for Disney. It may just be the biggest movie of the year if Rouge One doesn't beat it out. I'm definitely excited about this. Word of mouth is extremely good about this one.
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