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  1. sillyspook13


    T to the E to the S to the T:lookaroun
  2. sillyspook13

    Digital Photo Printing

    I'm looking for a place that does high quality poster-size prints. Any reccomendations?:)
  3. sillyspook13

    Exciting news!

    I've reached a couple of big milestones in my life, and all in the same weekend: * Tonight I graduated from college! I now have an AA degree in music, with an emphasis on vocal performance. I managed to graduate on the dean's list, which I thought I had lost after this last semester. I'll...
  4. sillyspook13

    Writer's block- need advice for a topic!

    I've been having some major writer's block lately when it comes to writing papers. (Could be because I have three tests coming up next week...) I'm in a class called "Perspectives on Society in Film". Though the class is fun, I'm having major trouble coming up with a topic for my paper. I...
  5. sillyspook13

    Amusing Disney reference at school

    We're currently studying the addition and multiplication rules in my statistics class (yaay.......) and today we came across this word problem in the textbook: By the time the teacher finished reading the question I could hardly contain my laughter. I raised my hand and gave my answer...
  6. sillyspook13

    avatar test

    la la la.....
  7. sillyspook13

    Location: Coronado Springs- maintenance, CM Angel

    Last Friday the significant other and I checked into Coronado Springs for the night. He had to leave to pick up his car, so I had my mom go with me to find the room (she had never been to CS and wanted to see what it was like). We got a little lost, but a really nice mantenance cast member named...
  8. sillyspook13

    A great honor!

    Tonight was the first of two concerts my school's choir, along with three other college choirs, is performing in to celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday. In the audience was none other than President Jimmy Carter!:)
  9. sillyspook13

    The Phantom of the Opera news!

    Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera is now the longest running show on Broadway, surpassing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. Congratulations, Mr. Webber, you've outdone yourself- literally!:sohappy:
  10. sillyspook13

    not a test, but a request

    for madame_leota_19
  11. sillyspook13

    Computer advice?

    I'm currently looking for a new laptop. My old one, though reliable, is big and difficult to travel with. Any opinions on a laptop that is portable, fast and relatively cheap?
  12. sillyspook13

    Everest reference in Jingle Jungle Parade!

    Yesterday, while working Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade, I noticed a really cute reference to Expedition Everest. It's on Santa Goofy's truck (left-hand side of forward motion). This year, Santa filled a stocking for the yeti! It's a big burlap stocking in the shape of a yeti foot, filled with an...
  13. sillyspook13


    Everybody set your clocks back, check the batteries in the smoke detectors and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!:D
  14. sillyspook13

    Need help- sports medicine and shoulder injuries!

    For the past several years I've had chronic shoulder dislocation. It's not that I have anything against doctors, but I've always just popped my shoulder back into place and gotten over it. Today my shoulder dislocated again. By the end of the day it was nearly unbearable. And, for the first...
  15. sillyspook13

    My Space

    Just for fun I've decided to host the official WDWMagic My Space meet up! If you have a profile post the link here. I'll start.
  16. sillyspook13

    My niece has hit a new milestone!

    As many of you know, my niece, Emily, was born three months premature. She was in NICU and on a heart monitor for quite some time after. Much to everybody's delight, she grew quickly into a strong little girl. She walks and knows several words (she's even learning Sign Language!). And at 18...
  17. sillyspook13

    Digital prints and enlargements

    Who makes the best digital prints and enlargements and could possibly be found in the (desolate) central Georgia area? I've tried CVS Pharmacy, but my black and white prints each had a different colored hue. This is for a photography competition at next month's fair. :)
  18. sillyspook13

    Like a test, only funnier!

    Just testing my new Avenue Q theme!
  19. sillyspook13

    Everest Tidbit

    I hear that, although the mountain isn't completed, the trains will be running on the track soon. I've yet to hear how soon testing will begin, but I've heard through the grapevine that they want to begin testing the trains as soon as possible to avoid any delay in opening. (Many of you remember...
  20. sillyspook13

    Credit Card advice?

    I'm currently looking to get my first credit card! But with all the options these days, which one is right for me? I would like something with no annual fee, and rewards are a plus. :animwink:
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