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  1. Lee

    New Coaster

    I dropped this into the Spirited thread, but figured it should also be over here... New coaster coming. Big. In the Sharks/Kracken area.
  2. Lee

    Tron 3 Moving Ahead...

    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/tron-sequel-back-grid-at-398592 Discuss...
  3. Lee

    What I think...as of today...for now...

    OK. After endless emails, pm's, and a couple phone calls, I'm gonna lay out what I see as happening with FLE. It hasn't been easy to get any info or confirmation. Lips are sealed pretty tight about the whole FLE v2.0. I will update/modify it as needed, which hopefully won't be too much...
  4. Lee

    Toy Story 3...Go see it.

    Got to see the first 70min of Toy Story 3 last night. Loved it. Any TS fans out there, run to the theatre on June 18. You'll be glad you did.:wave:
  5. Lee

    TTA News...

    Another update via the patented Martintext system. He reports: TTA has all new audio as of today: -A male voice -Some area loop bits -Goodyear theme or Monorail song near Epcot model -Character voices above attractions Enjoy!
  6. Lee

    Here's a bit of News and Rumor...What We're Not Getting.

    Yep. Tokyo go it. We didn't, and probably never will. Looks nice, thanks to the OLC and their fat checkbook. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okmB8_i4i30 Oh, well....the MI coaster will be cool, anyhow....
  7. Lee

    A Quick Look Inside Pirates

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Due to unfortunate "technical difficulties", the photos from PotC have been removed from the site. I apologize for any inconvenience, sadness, depression or other anxiety their removal might cause. Sincerely, Lee Hisownself
  8. Lee

    testing image links

    image testing
  9. Lee

    See SERENITY risk free this weekend!

    This isn't my guarantee, though I am a HUGE Firefly/Serenity fan, but it apparently is legit. Why pass it up? TRY SERENITY RISK-FREE SATURDAY and SUNDAY "Hello, Internet. This offer is coming from someone who has no affiliation with the film Serenity, its creators or its fanbase. I’m...
  10. Lee

    Ok...who has a Club 33 hook-up?

    The wife and I will be at Disneyland for our anniversary in August and I'd love to take her to 33. None of my sources can get me in...so who here knows somebody that would be willing to make a reservation for us? Anyone...anyone... :lookaroun
  11. Lee

    A Better Look at HK's Space Mtn. Trains

    RCDB has gotten hold of some nice shots of Hong Kong's Space Mtn. trains. These shots are newer and better than the one I've been posting here for a year or so. Here are the photos. Just to stir the pot...WDW's Space is REALLY falling behind now. :fork:
  12. Lee

    New Color for Space Mtn. Trains

    In case anyone is interested...they have begun painting the trains for the new space mountain theme. Eh...not bad.
  13. Lee

    Nice Video

    A guy over at Westcoaster has a video shot last weekend at DLRP. Nice footage of the resort's coasters as well as some great segments of the stunt show. Right here.
  14. Lee

    Little bit of Beastly info for ya......

    Mark Goldhaber at MousePlanet (Bagheera here at WDWMagic) has a nice article up today about Beastly Kingdom and Dragon Tower. Not a ton of new information for those of us who have followed it closely over the years, but some nice tidbits. I would LOVE to get a look at some of the models...
  15. Lee

    Disneyland's Space Mtn.: Lights On Video

    As we say a fond farewell to the old Space Mountain at Disneyland, here is a link to a video of a portion of the ride with the lights on. Enjoy
  16. Lee

    E-mail Comcast

    Here's the deal.... I've spent the better part of the last 36 hours studying this whole buyout thing, and I have decided that I am against it. Three reasons why: Disney is moving in the right direction. The stutio is doing great, the park attendance is way up, and ABC is inching up...
  17. Lee

    Rain is not so bad.....

    Ok, remind me not to complain next time I'm caught in a downpour at WDW. Check out Frontierland at DLP recently, brrrrrrrr: http://photoalbums.wdwmagic.com/showphoto.php?photo=6876
  18. Lee

    Ladder Spotted!

    If the whole ladder thing hasn't worn out yet... I have discovered that the official WDI ladder has been sent out to DCA to work on the Tower. Look at the 7th photo, subtitled "yep". http://members16.clubphoto.com/danny709152/1468406/guest.phtml :D
  19. Lee

    Project Gemini Revealed

    For those interested, Jim Hill spills the beans. http://www.jimhillmedia.com/nav4/index.htm?../articles/02192003.1.htm~contentFrame Bring on the bulldozers!
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