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  1. Master Yoda

    State of the Disney Outlet stores.

    I am looking to find out what the current state of the Disney outlet stores in Orlando is. It was my understanding that they were scaling them back (the one near us closed) and I am trying to avoid a wasted trip if they have been reduced to nothing more than merchandise no one wanted in the...
  2. Master Yoda

    The next season of Discovery’s Mythbusters will be its last.

    The Title says it all. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/10/21/mythbusters-ending-interview There’s no debunking this one: The next season of Discovery’sMythbusters will be its last, EW has learned exclusively. The pioneering reality series, one of cable’s longest-running shows, will stage its...
  3. Master Yoda

    (Rumor) Disney To Make Live Action Star Wars Netflix Shows.

    Title says it all. http://jkagear.com/disney-to-make-live-action-star-wars-netflix-shows/
  4. Master Yoda

    Star Wars Day at Sea roll call.

    As I am sure many of you already know that Disney announced the Star Wars Day at Sea for select sailings in 2016. Turns out this was all the motivation that the wife needed to pull the trigger on a 7 day Disney cruise that we have been wanting to take since our first 4 night disney cruise more...
  5. Master Yoda

    Houston, we have a title.

  6. Master Yoda

    The Spoilerific Walking Dead season 5 thread!!

    Have you read the comics? Are you up to date with the show? Do you obsessively scour the internet hoping to get a hint as to what is coming up next? If so, this is the Walking Dead thread for you. Everything, and I do mean everything, is fair game. Do not read this thread if you want to...
  7. Master Yoda

    Dissecting a Hoka.

    I thought a few of you might enjoy this. http://freakrunner.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/the-secret-i-learned-by-cutting-my-hoka-evo-stinson-running-shoes-in-half/
  8. Master Yoda

    Netflix and Disney to do several Marvel live action series.

  9. Master Yoda

    A Cappella Disney medley.

    I feel safe in saying that one or two of you will like this. Both artists in the video have their own YouTube channels that are pretty incredible. Alex G Peter Hollens
  10. Master Yoda

    A customer service article worth a read.

    While not directly Disney related, it is service industry related. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/matt-walsh/bad-customer-service_b_3799574.html
  11. Master Yoda

    WALL-E builders club.

    It looks like some of the members of the Star Wars R2 builders club have branched out and formed a club making incredible quality WALL-E robots. While Disney's own real life WALL-E probably collects dust in a warehouse in Anaheim, you might start seeing these little guys roaming around Cons and...
  12. Master Yoda

    Just another case of a CM being a gigantic bucket of win.

    Grab your tissues and read the story. Make sure you read the comments, especially this one. http://writeshesays.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/the-most-beautiful-ruined-moment/
  13. Master Yoda

    Universal AP discount room rates.

    Our Disney APs expire in October and we are seriously considering switching from Disney to Universal APs for the 2013-2014 time frame. (if we travel at all) What I have not been able to lock down is the availability of AP rates relative to our travel habits. Like with Disney, we plan on...
  14. Master Yoda

    Star Wars Rebels coming in 2014

    This does take some of the sting out of the Clone Wars cancellation. http://starwars.com/news/new-animated-series-star-wars-rebels-coming-fall-2014.html
  15. Master Yoda


    Who is watching and what did you think of the pilot? I am not sure what I think yet. I was not thrilled with the set up, in that there was almost none. I should not have to go to wikepedia to find out what happened between alien ships showing up and all the alien ships are destroyed. I am also...
  16. Master Yoda

    A dark ride without any black lights?

    I caught this video on Gizmodo and my first thought was "Dark ride without the need for any external lighting." The product is essentially a spray on electroluminescent paint. All you do is apply an electric current and it glows.
  17. Master Yoda

    Hogwarts built to LEGO figure scale with over 400,000 bricks.

    Awesome does not even come close to describing this. http://www.brothers-brick.com/2013/02/26/alice-finch-builds-massive-lego-hogwarts-from-400000-bricks/
  18. Master Yoda

    Why does construction at WDW take so long?

    The question is simple....Why do Disney projects take so long to complete when it seems that other companies can produce comparable is results in much less time? I have been in the construction business on the engineering side for nearly 18 years. In that 18 years I have seen both extremes...
  19. Master Yoda

    Abandoned Parks.

    Abandoned Parks Tumblr I ran into this Tumblr site about a month ago. It is a great read if you are into post apocalyptic amusement park pictures. It is not original work from one particular author. It is an aggregate style tumblr and It seems to update pretty regularly. The guy running the...
  20. Master Yoda

    26 Moments that will restore your faith in humanity.

    So what does this have to do with Disney? Number 15 is a CM doing what I see CMs doing all the time. Changing the world, one kid at a time. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/moments-that-restored-our-faith-in-humanity-this-y
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