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  1. mightyduck

    For those confused about the Silent Thread...

    If you look at the original date, Fievel started it on September 12, 2001 when we realized the enormity of what had happened and the vigils had begun. It's in honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01.
  2. mightyduck

    Saving $$ the first night off-site

    We have reservations of Pop for next Saturday, and my husband decided he didn't want to arrive late that night and miss a day. We decided to leave a day earlier to drive down so we are in Disney Saturday morning. Disney hotels let you leave your stuff there and even check you in if your room...
  3. mightyduck

    Happy Birthday, Ryanhoov!

    Make dad take you somewhere fabulous! :D Hope it's great!
  4. mightyduck

    Happy Birthday, FantasiaBish!

    Woohoo! Happy Birthday!
  5. mightyduck


    Steve, I know this is silly, but.... I am one of those people who doesn't know what the date is. Ever. I award bonus points to kids who change the date on the board for me because the administration wants it there, and apparently they feel better if it's right. Now with this new system, it...
  6. mightyduck

    E-ride nights?

    Okay, I give up. Is there a list of e-ride nights for August? I can't find it if there is (which doesn't mean it isn't there, just that I can't find it!).
  7. mightyduck

    Free ice cream for a good cause!

    On Wednesday, April 30, participating Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores will be giving away free scoops of ice cream from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. For every scoop they give away, they will donate to First Book, a literacy campaign that gets new books into the hands of underprivileged children. As...
  8. mightyduck

    Presidents' Weekend questions...

    Okay, we found out that my new HUSBAND (!) will probably be leaving in about 30 days or so.... Could be as long as 10 weeks, but I digress... Here's the question: He is thinking we should go to WDW for Presidents weekend (leave late 2/13, return Monday 2/17). In the meantime, we are saving...
  9. mightyduck

    Where'd everybody go?

    I can't believe it's after 4 am on a Sunday morning, and the boards are so empty.... Where could everyone be? :veryconfu ;) The Mom, aren't you up yet? Sheesh, okay, it must be bedtime.... (drill weekend--up at 3:45am :rolleyes: )
  10. mightyduck

    New Jersey car owners needed! Help!

    Okay, I know I'm an idiot for doing this, but I misplaced the title to my car. If anyone remembers what it may have come in (a textured large foldover envelope? With a plasticless window? Did it have red scrollwork on the border?) that would be a big help. I put it where I wouldn't lose it...
  11. mightyduck

    New York article about Eisner....

    Interesting discussion about Eisner taking the mouse hostage: http://www.newyorkmetro.com/nymetro/news/media/columns/medialife/n_7810/
  12. mightyduck

    Beauty and the Beast offer?

    I know this is lazy, but.... does anyone know if the offer at the Disney Store for Beauty and the Beast is still $19.99 with a $10 gift certificate when it comes in? Or is it just lithographs?
  13. mightyduck


    Hey, friends.... Just stopping by to say "Hi" and see how everyone is today. I could use some tea and cookies (is it to early to be drinking?). Thankfully, it's almost Friday. :) Hope everyone is having a nice day. This is a happy, chit chatty thread that has no real purpose other than...
  14. mightyduck


    Just so this doesn't get lost in the thread drift of your original thread.... I haven't read that book since I avoid Victorian lit like the plague... but I have some strategies that have worked for me: Read the preface and any f-o-b matter for ideas about what makes it "important" or...
  15. mightyduck

    Good morning....

    Just dropping by to check in and see if anyone is up for some tea. :) How is everyone today? :)
  16. mightyduck

    It's official...

    The duck is officially off the market. My sweetheart gave me an engagement ring today for my birthday (to be fair, it wasn't a surprise!). :cool: I'm so happy! :)
  17. mightyduck

    This is it!

    I leave at some ridiculous 6 am tomorrow to make my way to WDW. Have a great weekend everyone! :)
  18. mightyduck

    Quack, quack, quack...

    Just making some happy noise here on the forums. Ariel, I'm thinking tea party if you're around at all today. Anyone else interested? I should be cleaning/packing/doing laundry/working/etc. But I'm here. :rolleyes: Hope everyone is having a very happy day!
  19. mightyduck

    help getting paid

    Okay, I give up. I'm a freelancer, and I work beyond "regularly" for a very large corporate newspaper. The problem? Accounts payable puts me on the bottom of the list. I didn't get paid at the beginning of July because of when the 4th fell.... The check I received after that was very small...
  20. mightyduck

    Obvious and unnecessary kitchen tip of the day

    Hint: those tags on tea bags are flammable ! I was waiting for the milk to boil so I could make farina, and while I was waiting I put on water for the tea in a small saucepan. The milk didn't look ready to boil so I used the restroom, and then when I came out.... The milk started foaming all...
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