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  1. 828tnt

    Sanford Airport- Worth the savings?

    We are considering flying into Sanford, Thoughts on weather it's worth it? We were planning to rent a car anyway, so that's not really an issue. It make a closer airport to home more reasonably priced. Thanks in advance!
  2. 828tnt

    Unable to open a link

    apologies if this has been answered and I didn't look it up, but when I clicked to open the thread for Disney recipes, it redirects me back to the main forum page. this happens to me both on my laptop, and my iPhone app. not sure if the issue is on my end or not, buy any help would be...
  3. 828tnt

    Disney recipe thread

    Apologies if I missed the answer, but there’s a Disney recipe thread I used to check, but I can’t seem to use its link. Is it me or is the thread gone?
  4. 828tnt

    Disney Art

    I'm sure more than a few of youare like myself and also enjoy stopping at the art of Disney stores around the resort. Unfortunately, being far from wdw makes purchasing more difficult while in between visits. ;) I've done very limited internet searching, but does anyone know which sites are the...
  5. 828tnt

    Who's watched saving mr banks?

    I honestly wanted to dislike tom hanks as Walt but he was dazzling. I really think they did this one right. Anyone else want to share thoughts after watching this film?
  6. 828tnt

    travel channel rankings

    http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/family/articles/top-10-amusement-parks very interesting rankings.... I do enjoy seeing knoebels ranked so high- we live only a few miles away! but it's really all but impossible to truly compare some of these parks to each other imo. i'm interested to...
  7. 828tnt

    Booked !

    Just booked our september trip! Such a great feeling for sure. ;) It's our (now) annual birthday trip- i can't believe Elias will be two.... Anyone else gonna be around 9/22 - 9/26?
  8. 828tnt

    wdw at home

    this may be a bit different from most forum topics, but i'm interested in some ideas besides my own and I figured I would ask some experts! my wife and I are building a new home and we are looking for some, let's call it "creative Disney World representation".;) just to be clear, i'm not...
  9. 828tnt

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    Just sayin! From my family to you and yours...
  10. 828tnt

    epcot 30th- who's goig? any particular meeting spot?

    just throwing it out there for those who will be attending. i personally know i think it would be neat bumping into a few board members while there. any ideas of a general time or place that may be fun? i understand it's likely to be an all day affair for many, but if say 2 - 4 (at a...
  11. 828tnt

    my little disney souvenir!

    I put this here since it happened while we were vacationing at wdw even though it's not necessarily Disney news. That said, here's a little story from our trip: My wife and i had originally scheduled our trip to try and satisfy 3 things. First, we wanted to be there for the 40th. Second...
  12. 828tnt

    Crane at wilderness lodge 9/19

    Not sure why it's there or if this has been posted already. But I noticed it today. I'll try to post pics but it may be some time.
  13. 828tnt

    Crane at wilderness lodge 9/19

    Noticed today while on a bus to mk. Not sure if it's already been posted and I didn't get pics.
  14. 828tnt

    Wifi at AKL

    This morning my wife and I had a knock at our door at kidani village. Two gentlemen were there to install modems for wifi! Will this be at all resorts or just deluxe?
  15. 828tnt

    kidani village check in

    it's our first time staying at kidani village (2 other times at jambo) and i have a few quick questions. -do we check in at kidani or the main lobby at jambo? -is there a fitness facility at kidani or just the one that's by the pool at jambo? -are the buildings connected, or is the walk...
  16. 828tnt

    an idea for wdwmagic.....

    wdwmagic week in walt disney world! i know it couldn't actually be sposored or advertized by disney or anything. but couldn't it be done through this site? i think there was a large group that met leading up to the closing of the adverturers club? if they can pull it off, why not the site...
  17. 828tnt

    We're pregnant!!!!!

    can't wait to start booking trips with the little one! i know it's not totally a disney topic. but, my wife and i have been trying for over 3 years, and one of many things that kept me from getting discouraged was the idea of trips to wdw with the little one. don't want to bore anyone with...
  18. 828tnt

    last minute resi's

    wanted to share with those who tend to give up hope. this ast 5 days, i landed 2 terrific, too good to pass up spots, that i had to take them! within a week of arriving i landed a breakfast resi at crysta palace- pre park opening, and at le celier- just 3 days out!!! the "lesson"? keep...
  19. 828tnt

    speaking of surveys.....

    i recently took an online disney survey. it was about our may trip at the boardwalk villas. there a lot of the standard "rate this about your stay", "rate that about your stay"... but then things got a bit more interesting- to me at least. the survey was dvc related, especially the last...
  20. 828tnt

    disney dollars

    we're looking to buy some disney dollars for an employee before her first trip. she actually leaves just before we get there. so, we have to figure out a way to buy them from home. or do the disney stores sell them? any help is appreciated!
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