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  1. BrianV

    DLR first visit from the eyes of a WDW veteran

    We just got back from three days at DLR April 3-6. This was our first visit ever, though we are veterans of WDW, having visited many many times dating back to 1973. We loved DLR, but inevitably ended up comparing everything to WDW. Here are our observations in a perhaps less than coherent order...
  2. BrianV

    Check out time

    We recently returned from a wonderful first visit to AKL. Check out time was 11. We called and requested a late check out and were given one until noon. We were very pleased. On our way to the pool we chatted to the housekeeper the morning of our departure. As we left, she said "we have...
  3. BrianV

    Magic bands and children's tickets

    When my older daughter became a Disney "adult" I took her unfinished no-expiry tickets to a booth and they exchanged them for adult tickets. (There was confusion and they tried to charge me but it all worked out.) Fast forward several years and my youngest is about to be an "adult". She too...
  4. BrianV

    AKL Running

    Instead of bumping a 3 year old thread I thought I'd see where thing stood these days... Any running trails at Animal Kingdom Lodge? And along the same lines is the gym crowded or are you typically able to get a treadmill easily? 6 days... Thanks!
  5. BrianV

    Water Parks and Crowds

    We are considering visiting a water park on our departure day August 26. BB is open 10-7 and TL 9-5. My question is whether the staggered hours have any impact on the crowds at the parks? That is, is one park more crowded than the other. I know it is august and both water parks will be...
  6. BrianV

    AKL room requests

    Hi, we are staying in a standard (non animal view) room at AKL in less than a month. Anything we should consider requesting? (E.g. higher floors are quieter, etc.) I know requests are not always honored, but having never even visited the resort, I didn't know if it was worth trying. Thanks
  7. BrianV

    Crowd calendars

    Hi all- How accurate are the crowd calendars (is it packed, rmh travel are the two free ones I can find, touring plans costs $). They both suggest our expected visit dates 4/3 - 4/5 won't be terrible though won't be empty either. Do people generally find them accurate enough? Thanks.
  8. BrianV

    Ticket question

    All of my tickets are linked in MDE. (They are no expiry tickets from a few years back 8 days left on one 2 on the other.) I used to bring the actual tickets with me but have never needed them. Once linked in MDE do I need the actual tickets or can you just leave them home? If there is a...
  9. BrianV

    Elie Wiesel's review of Disneyland

    Interesting "article", more like click-bait. But enjoyed reading it. As always, apologies if someone else posted already. http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/found-elie-wiesels-review-of-disneyland
  10. BrianV

    Rock and roll coaster vs TS

    Last night I was playing around with the app around 8:30. TS showed a 15 minute wait. RRRC showed a 150 minute wait!! Curious if the app is / was correct. Have never seen a 15 minute wait for TSMM. If there are now times with crowds that low, a fast pass seems less needed than before.
  11. BrianV

    Fast pass for Soarin or Frozen?

    Since they are both tier 1 I will have to choose. We'll be there in the afternoon / evening so rope drop for 1 of them is not an option. I guess I'm really wondering whether the third theater has impacted the standby wait for soarin enough to make that viable. I'm sure the Frozen ride will be...
  12. BrianV

    1994 ticket used...

    I assume some here have seen this article making its way around the news--about someone using a ticket from 1994 to gain admission to WDW. I'm not totally sure why it is news. And I'm not totally sure why anyone was surprised the ticket was still valid. I'd be really mad if my tickets without...
  13. BrianV

    Best restaurant to take wife on birthday.

    Will hopefully be in DL next year on my wife's birthday. We'll be without kids but don't mind there being other kids there (heck it is disney after all). We've never been to DL but are veterans of wdw. I've read that the restaurant in the pirates of the Caribbean ride is good (name is eluding...
  14. BrianV

    Dining at AKL with picky teens

    Hi-I have reservations at BOMA in August but at $40/person for my teens to eat chicken fingers from the buffet, it seems wasteful. I'd love it but not sure it makes sense. Anyone had a similar experience? Are there other restaurants at AKL that better accommodate the chicken-finger teen...
  15. BrianV

    Switching hotels after booking fast passes...

    Hi - We are so excited to be going back and just booked our airlines and cars. But we are uncertain of our hotel. We are considering both on site and off site. (A discussion for a different forum). Off site is obviously moot, but for onsite, if you switch from one hotel to another, do your...
  16. BrianV

    Non free dining restaurants

    Hi - thinking of going to wdw during a period that free dining is offered. But will likely use a room discount or stay off site instead. Need to deal with this week. I'm curious...Do the restaurants that don't offer free dining have shorter waits than usual at this time? If there a list of...
  17. BrianV

    Should I go to Disneyland?

    Just found out that my wife's annual conference will be this week (first week of April 17) in Anaheim. I usually don't travel with her but have never been to Disneyland despite having been to Disney world 20+ times. The conference hotel is the Hilton Anaheim. My question is whether that time...
  18. BrianV

    Annual pass voucher

    We let our annual passes lapse because we knew we might not be back right away. Might be more like a whole year. My question is whether we can buy a new pass (not renew) now at current rates online and then activate it when we finally want to go again? Seems like universal and wdw always only...
  19. BrianV

    Resort fee?

    So much to do about a potential $15/day resort fee at Wdw. Universal does not charge this but does charge parking fees. Of course if you take a cab you can skip this fee. If instituted at wdw might universal consider doing the same and or replacing the optional parking fee with a required...
  20. BrianV

    Front of line access at partner hotel

    Hi, Still looking to make it to sea world. Wanted to go last summer but didn't manage it. I read that the Marriott right there has as a perk front of line access. Has anyone used it? Is it worth having? And is that hotel nice enough and walking distance to the front of the park? Maybe this...
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