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    Questions Regarding Lost & Found?

    I've tried calling and asking about these and could not get through to a real person that knew the answers. Long story short: I lost something very important to me at the end of the night just past closing at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on 12/13/19... Or technically 12/14/19 since I...
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    Several Fantastic Cast Members

    I'm super bad with names but I met so many nice cast members that stood out to me yesterday. I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party so all of these lovely people were at Magic Kingdom pretty much. First of all, I'd like to thank the cast members portraying Rapunzel, Flynn/Eugene, Tiana...
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    Hey there! I just kind of stumbled onto this website in my quest to find some answers regarding lost and found. I will probably try to make an another post about that whole situation in a minute. Honestly, from the little bit I've seen though this looks like a nice little place and I'll...
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