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  1. Nubs70

    England Pavillion and Prince Philip

    Is the England Pavillion doing anything today in remembrance of Prince Philip?
  2. Nubs70

    Eco Friendly Tableware

    In light of the revelations about Chipolte bowls, does any quick service use molded fiber bowls/plates? Thinking of Pandora specifcally.
  3. Nubs70

    Ack.. Cheerleaders!

    Looked like they were all leaving at MCO, now Epcot is loaded with them.
  4. Nubs70

    WDW Price Comparison - COMPLETED

    Purpose: To categorize the price of alternative vacation prices to that of WDW. Date: Aug 17 - 28 Travel Party: 4 adult, 1 child (age 13) Travel Mode: Air - 1 stop (shortest flight) or non stop WDW - $8,110.09 All Star Sports = $6005.09 10 Day MYW + Park Hopper 1 stop flight - GRR to MCO =...
  5. Nubs70

    Uber to Resort.

    Is it possible to Uber from Disney Springs Area Hotel to resort for breakfast then bus to MK?
  6. Nubs70

    Best place to watch drone show?

    Any suggestions ?
  7. Nubs70

    Mob Rules - Thanksgiving in the World

    Heading to the World 11/22 to 11/28. Daughter's high school orchestra plying Disney Springs on Thanksgiving Day.
  8. Nubs70

    It is a small world...

    As an interesting suprise, I am currently in Glasgow and renting through Air B&B. Our "landlord" is a former performer on DCL. Interesting....
  9. Nubs70

    Thanksgiving Insanity Ahead

    So my wife booked the trip. My daughter's orchestra is playing WDW over Thanksgiving this year. Thus we will be tagging along. This will be interesting.
  10. Nubs70

    MDE step by step guide?

    I am inquiring if anyone has or know where I can find a step by step guide for setting up MDE account. My situation is unique as is as follows: When: Thanksgiving week 2016, Weds thru Sun. Lodging: Offsite # of persons: 200 person highschool orchestra I am looking to put together an...
  11. Nubs70

    Embarking in Miami- Seeking Advice

    I am considering a DCL cruise out of Miami. Could anyone share advice on: Where to fly in Transport to port Night before lodging General thoughts Thanks
  12. Nubs70

    Large groups and MM+

    I am currently pondering going along with my daughter's orchestra group as a chaperone. It is about a year or so away. They will be staying off site and be in the parks and recording studios. My question is how is MM+ going to work for a group of 75-100 people. Should I volunteer my WDW...
  13. Nubs70

    Looking for a Bookbinder

    I found this book at work today. The cover is a little beat up and am looking to find someone to replace the cover. The book is a 1965 copy of Walt Disney World's America
  14. Nubs70

    I have stepped out of the Bubble™

    I have just arrived in O-town and am staying offsite for the first time after 5 consecutive years of visiting inside the Bubble™. My family is planning on 3 days at UNI, 1 day KSC, 1 off day, and dinner in Tampa with a coworker. My aim is to chronicle unique observations. Flew into Tampa and...
  15. Nubs70

    The Magic Picks Up Royal Caribbean Passenger

    Just saw on news that the Magic picked up a passenger that fell off a Royal Caribbean ship near Cozumel.
  16. Nubs70

    WDW and Service Dogs

    Would he qualify?
  17. Nubs70

    Google Photo Crew

    FWIW, Google is running around POFQ this morning taking pictures.
  18. Nubs70

    DAK Rum Dolewhips

    Desperately in search of said creature. Where can it be found? Thanks in advance
  19. Nubs70


    Need advice. We added 2 days on the front end of our trip. Called wdw reservations prior to leaving to add 2 days of park tickets on front end. They expressly informed us we should wait till we arrived and add the tickets then at the discounted multi day price. Now they tell us the discounted...
  20. Nubs70

    Pre-Trip Inbound to the Bubble - ETA 26 Hours

    Just checked in with airline, tickets are in the printer. ETA at the bubble 0930 18 August
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