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  1. Turtlekrawl

    Suggestions for unique snack/dessert

    As our kids age, our WDW trips increasingly revolve around food/drink. One of the new favorite activities is finding new snacks or desserts that we haven’t tried before. For this past trip, the Peter Pan float at Storybook Treats was a hit with the kids. My wife and I fell in love with the GF...
  2. Turtlekrawl

    Resort pools and lightning

    So, just finishing up a week at GF villas. First stay here. May be our favorite DVC property in many regards. But one BIG negative... the weather related pool closures were absolutely ridiculous. Two CM told me they close if lightning within 2 miles. Sounds reasonable to me if that's true...
  3. Turtlekrawl

    Multiple bands/multiple resorts

    Apologies - this has probably been addressed multiple times, but I can't find a clear answer. We are staying in 2 different on-property resorts for our upcoming trip so we have just been sent 2 sets of Magic bands - one for each resort stay. I should be able to use one band for the entire...
  4. Turtlekrawl

    Dvc discount at counter service restaurants?

    My apologies if this has been covered. Does anyone know if there is still a dvc member discount at counter service restaurants in wdw? I seem to remember getting 10% or so off at most places last summer, but a friend who visited recently said he was not able to get anything. Just wondering...
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