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  1. CapeCodTenor

    Planning a no park day, what do you do?

    I'm planning a trip for sometime in 2021, and I was wondering if you plan for a no park day, and if so what do you do on those days? I would think a trip to the resort pool is a must, but what else? An afternoon at Disney Springs? Resort hop? Mini golf? I've always wanted to resort hop but...
  2. CapeCodTenor

    Experience of staying off-site vs. on-site

    Hello, everyone! It's been years since I was last down in the World, about 17 to be exact, and when I was last down there I was a cast member, so I had discounts added to my resort stay, so didn't have to pay full price, which was nice. I'm now starting to plan a future trip, don't know when...
  3. CapeCodTenor

    Hey There!

    Hello, everyone! New member here, and I'm from beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts! I've been a Disney fan for years and use to work for the Mouse back in college. I haven't been down in about 18 years, but am planning a trip for the future. Well, just wanted to drop off a quick "hello." Hope...
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