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    Skyliner Hours

    Does anyone know how late the Skyliner is currently running after park closing? I ask because I have a reservation at Le Cellier at 8:30 on a day Epcot closes at 9 PM. Thanks for the help.
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    Disney Parks Music Loop Sites

    Does anyone know of any websites, Facebook groups or anything that has lists of the music found in the various loops throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. I know of sites like magicmusic.net. But they don't seem to be active anymore. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Disney Playlists

    Years ago when the original iPods were all the rage, I started a Disney Playlist on iTunes. Over the years I've added everything from classic and current Disney animated features (just recently adding the new Robin Hood Legacy Collection set), old and new live action movies from Pirates back to...
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    Christmas or Food & Wine

    I have the choice to go to Walt Disney World either during the Food and Wine Festival or just after the Christmas season starts throughout the resort. But I'm having trouble deciding. For anyone who has been to WDW during both, which would you choose?
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    Favorite Disney Song

    As I'm sure anyone on this board knows, something that runs through all of Disney history, from films to television to the parks is great music. From "Turkey In the Straw" in Mickey's first released short, "Steamboat Willie" to "Let It Go" in their latest animated hit film "Frozen," Disney has...
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    Question on U-CanShop Store

    Hi. I was looking into ordering the Tokyo Disney "Happiness" CD box set. I was wondering if the u-canshop.jp website ships internationally; or do they only ship within Japan? Thanks for the help.
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