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  1. Map7711

    Kevin Feige, President of Production, Marvel Studios

    Any possibility that we might hear something about Marvel coming to the parks since the head of production at Marvel will be at D23? He is scheduled to be on the panel on Aug 20th w/ other biggies (John Lasseter-Rich Ross etc.) talking about upcoming projects.
  2. Map7711

    How about a Disney, News, Rumors, Tips Etc Radio Show

    Wouldn't it be great to have a radio show like once a week about all the stuff we talk about on these types of forums? It could be on the Disney Sat. radio channel. Hosted by fan of Disney, not a direct employee who wouldn't be able to speak his/her mind. It might not be able to go on the...
  3. Map7711

    Password not working-cant view videos

    My password is not working. Paid $5 through PayPal and still is not working. HELP!!!
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