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  1. Radeksgrl

    Wolfgang Puck Express at Disney Springs permanently closed?

    Went to get some pizza last week, October 8 I think, and restaurant looks like it may have permanently closed. Menus on outside of building are gone and can't see inside at all (black fabric hung up on all inside windows). WPE had reopened after the general Disney Springs closure and we went a...
  2. Radeksgrl

    Problems modifying FP on MDE app Wed 101718

    Again app not working properly. I'm at AK and app not allowing me to modify FP times. Not sure about adding new FP, stll have one left from my original three.
  3. Radeksgrl

    How early can you get onto Main Street on non-EMH morning?

    I'd like get into the Magic Kingdom as early as possible one day to take some pictures of Main Street without too many people in them. Does anyone know what time they open the turnstiles (magic band scanners) for park entry these days? For me, I guess it would also depend on what time the...
  4. Radeksgrl

    DHS parking lot tram pickup/dropoff now very far away from park entrance

    Visited DHS yesterday and the parking lot tram no longer drops off/picks up at the park entrance. Now the closest the tram takes you is to the front most area of the parking lot, which is still pretty far from the park entrance. They have put up construction walls that weave a long path to the...
  5. Radeksgrl

    Avatar Flight of Passage safety and warning cards being handed out to guests

    According to some other websites, safety/warning cards are now being handed out to guests entering the line for this attraction (similar to the cards handed out at Mission Space in EPCOT). I’m surprised it took this long for a more detailed warning, since I’ve heard of tons of people getting...
  6. Radeksgrl

    EPCOT Eggstravaganza only available for 17 days at 2018 F&G Festival

    I went to EPCOT yesterday ready to do the Eggstravaganza egg hunt, only to find it was not yet available. Last year I did the egg hunt as soon as the festival started. I asked a cast member and found out that this year it is only March 16 thru April 1 (and only thru March 23 for passholders with...
  7. Radeksgrl

    MDE app and website are both down, when will they be fixed???

    I have MK FP today (Oct 19, 2017) and can't access MDE or the website. I was trying to change the times yesterday and noticed some problems with both the website and the app, but I figured these IT issues would be fixed by this morning. So I wake up this morning to check my FPs and now I can't...
  8. Radeksgrl

    What have you eaten at the Arts Festival? Share your food (and drink) reviews here!

    Now that the first full weekend of the Arts Festival is complete, I’d like get everyone’s opinion on the festival kiosk menu items they have tried. I’ve seen some general comments about the food in my original thread...
  9. Radeksgrl

    High prices at the Arts Festival food kiosks (compared to other EPCOT festivals)

    I went to the first day of the Art Festival yesterday, and was surprised and disappointed by the higher than normal prices at the food kiosks. This is compared to similar portion sizes and ingredients at the other festivals held throughout the year in EPCOT. I’ve been an annual passholder for a...
  10. Radeksgrl

    Has anyone tried the new breakfast options at EPCOT?

    Specifically, I wondering how a couple of the new breakfast options at EPCOT taste. Has anyone had the Cinammon Bread Pudding at Sunshine seasons? I'm a huge bread pudding fan, as long as it's not too dry. I'm also a huge chilaquiles fan, has anyone had the Chilaquiles con Huevos now that La...
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