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  1. MUTZIE77

    Vero Beach Resort

    Does anyone own at Vero Beach and use points to stay at WDW? If so, how easy was it to book at WDW?
  2. MUTZIE77

    180 days

    I am going to be trying for an Ohana reservation at the 180 day mark. At what time in the morning are you able to make reservations?
  3. MUTZIE77

    DVC Parking

    I hate to make a new thread just for this, but I have been searching the forum and the DVC site and found no answers. I am possibly making a last minute trip to WDW and staying with a friend in the area instead of using points. Do DVC members get free parking at the parks by just showing a...
  4. MUTZIE77

    Grand Californian

    Has anyone here tried to book a room at the Grand Californian through DVC? I am making my first pilgrimage to DLR and I had heard that there arent many DVC villas there.
  5. MUTZIE77

    Renting out my points

    Has anyone used a company other than timeshares inc. To rent out your points? I just think 33 percent commission is rediculous.
  6. MUTZIE77

    Splash Mountain falling apart (literally?)

    I was at MK on Nov. 9th with a CM friend and was told that splash has been breaking down regularly lately. I was also told it was shut down because a chunk of the mountain itself had fallen in the flume (ala Tree of Life). When I rode splash, I found large canvas tarps covering the loading area...
  7. MUTZIE77

    DVC discount for MK holiday parties?

    I was on the dvc member site and couldn't find anything on it. I could have sworn I got a dvc discount on the Christmas party a few years back. Anyone know if they still have it or even ever had it?
  8. MUTZIE77

    Starting to get irritated by DVC

    I am getting very irritated by DVC. Today I called to book two nights at BLT after our disney cruise in November and was told there are no studios available. I then asked about Wilderness Lodge, none available. But they do have a studio at saratoga. Every time I call to make a reservation I end...
  9. MUTZIE77

    Cruise with DVC points

    Lately we have been thinking about going on our first cruise to the bahamas. I am a DVC member and we are planning on using our points for the cruise. I am just asking for some info on the cruise and how it works with our points. My main concern is what is included with our points and what is...
  10. MUTZIE77

    Castle Dreamlights

    Does anyone know the last night that the castle lights will be lit?
  11. MUTZIE77

    First week of January

    I am planning a trip for the first week in January. I was just wodering if anyone could tell me how long they keep the Christmas Decorations up and the castle lights lit? Also I know Splash Mountain has its month long refurb around this time, has it been announced when the refurb will start in 2012?
  12. MUTZIE77


    I rode Everest multiple time over the past seven days and the disco yeti is now the sounds dangerous yeti. There are no strobes or red lights, just ferocious roars in the dark. I haven't seen anyone else post it, so I suppose it might be newsworthy.
  13. MUTZIE77

    Early March Crowds

    Hello all, I just booked a spontaneous trip from March 9th to the 17th. I know this is around spring break, but I was wondering if any of you have experience with the crowds around this time?
  14. MUTZIE77


    Finally after all these years I got to see MSEP! On my first trip back in 2001 I just missed seeing it by a few days. I loved everything about it. I like the upbeat music and the floats were amazing as well. However, as much as I liked this parade, Spectromagic is still top dog in my book.
  15. MUTZIE77

    DVC member unhappy with Kidani Village

    So 11 months ago I booked a 7 night stay in a 2 bedroom savanna view vacation home at Kidani Village. We arrived on Oct. 10th and checked in, got our room keys and proceeded to our room. We arrived at our room to find the room filthy. It looked like the last guests had just left. There was...
  16. MUTZIE77

    Has anyone else seen this

    I was at MK a few weeks back, and was walking from Frontierland to Liberty Square and saw a sanitation CM with a broom and trash collector. Upon closer inspection I saw that he had water in the trash collector and was dipping the broom into it. He was then using the soaked broom to draw Mickey's...
  17. MUTZIE77

    Interesting things to look for and do

    Forgive me for asking for this. I know it has been posted a number of times. I once saw a very long list of interesting things to look for while at the world. I tried to search for it, but "search is not my friend" today. Something weird is going on with my browser. I would really appreciate if...
  18. MUTZIE77

    DVC AP discount

    I know I have found it before, but I cant seem to find what the discount is on an AP for a DVC member. Can anyone tell me what the discount percentage is?
  19. MUTZIE77

    Space Mountain

    I haven't heard/read anything about the SM refurb in quite some time. I was just wondering if the refurb is still on track to be done and opened by November 21st, as I will be visiting from November 29th to December 6th. Does anyone have any info?
  20. MUTZIE77

    No vacancy

    I was just recently trying to book a 2 bedroom vacation home at Kidani Village for dates November 29th through December 6th. I was informed that there isnt a single room available at any resort for me during that time. I called DVC and they told me that there is one room available at Saratoga...
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