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  1. Gomer

    Tipping DME when you aren't in the room?

    I’m hoping this doesn’t devolve into another tipping debate, but some recent threads made this question pop into my head that I had never really considered before. I am travelling tomorrow, so it suddenly became urgent in my mind. I use DME for my bags. If I am in the room when they arrive I...
  2. Gomer

    Anyone have issues linking Annual Pass Vouchers?

    I just received my annual pass vouchers in the mail for my upcoming trip in January. When I went to link the voucher to my DME account, it gave me an error and said they were already linked to another account. Has anyone come across this before? I know its possible to link vouches so you can...
  3. Gomer

    DVC Reservation + AP Voucher = 60 Days for FP+?

    First, let me apologize as I know this has been asked and answered already. The problem I am coming across is that in my searches I am finding conflicting answers. And strangely, the farther back I go, it seems that vouchers and a DVC reservation gets you the 60 day window. But in more recent...
  4. Gomer

    Best signature restaurant to test my kids with?

    Ok, so a little background first... My wife and I are foodies. We love trying new things and we love high quality food. We generally lean towards bold flavors (Indian, Thai, etc…)but appreciate pretty much any good food. For reference our favorite on property restaurant to this point has...
  5. Gomer

    Success using FP+ when it doesn't appear in "My Plans"?

    I know I read posts in the last couple weeks of people having the same problems I am. I did a couple of searches, but it’s a pretty specific topic so its like looking for a needle in a haystack. The issue is: You make FP+ Reservations, but when you change the time, some either duplicate and...
  6. Gomer

    Pre-Refurb FP+ Restrictions?

    So, I'm diving into FP+ reservations for the first time for my upcoming trip in January. I arrive on 1/4 and had intended to squeeze in a ride on Splash Mountain before it goes down for refurb on 1/6. Since the park will be very busy that weekend, I had intended to use FP+ to secure a ride the...
  7. Gomer

    Double Fastpass on Split Stay days?

    Ok, I did an pretty extensive search on this forum, but I'll be willing to take the heat if this already exists. :) I have a split stay coming up in January. 4 days at VWL and 4 at AKL. I was told by the MDE support line that I will receive two invites for Magic Band/FP+ customization, one...
  8. Gomer

    Celebrate the Magic Current Edition?

    I haven't heard of any updates to the castle projection show recently. Is it still showing the romance insert from Valentines Day? Have they cut in the summer insert from last year's MM&Y show? Or is it something different? Just wondering if anyone knows. I'm trying to set expectations for...
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