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  1. wdw71fan

    It's that time of year again

    Crane for castle Christmas light installation is now backstage.. Expected on stage soon.
  2. wdw71fan

    Remember Me? (Spectromagic Related)

    The "13 Reflections of Evil" Disney trading event was this weekend... There was a display of Chernabog hovering over a village... Does he look familiar? Because to the Spectromagic faithful, he sure should :) For Comparison Spectromagic, gone but not completely ....;)
  3. wdw71fan

    6/25/13 - The Day Spectro Died... Sorry guys..

    I have the unfortunate duty of reporting the official death of Spectromagic.. There are 6 'trailer style' dumpsters filled with the crushed remains of the Spectromagic Parade units.. I believe at this point the only surviving unit is Chernobog... Which may only be temporary as they are removing...
  4. wdw71fan

    Here Comes Spectro !

    Just a heads up, the refurbishment of the Spectromagic units has begun in Central Shops.. Several of the parade units are being worked on as we speak.. With the rest being rotated in as those are completed.. My understanding is that the Spectromagic floats will start migrating to the parade...
  5. wdw71fan

    Be Our Guest..... But don't overstay your welcome..

    Last night the ADR's for Be Our Guest were running 60-90 minutes late because guests were staying longer than anticipated.. Management was expecting the average guest to stay in the restaurant approximately 90 minutes. There were several tables that were dining for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and even a...
  6. wdw71fan

    MK Main Gates getting new look! (Photo)

    Thought you guys would enjoy this.. Hopped over the main gate area today during lunch and got a nice 'work in progress' shot of the re-do of the main gate / toll area at MK... Looking sharp!!
  7. wdw71fan

    Joe Rohde confirms Yeti being fixed!

    Joe Rohde just posted to facebook: Joe Rohde 13 minutes ago via mobile UPDATE ON THE YETI: Efforts are being made to bring the Yeti back to life, and restore at least some of its movement for good. In the near future, your Expedition Everest experience may lack the yeti entirely- if/when...
  8. wdw71fan

    Changes to Spaceship Earth Descent.

    There have been a few changes.. nothing 'drastic' but newer lighting effects added to the 'rock formations' on the right side making them more pronounced.. etc.. From what I understand the attraction is currently 'in-cycle' for a little TLC money and the descent may get a little more...
  9. wdw71fan

    Second Circus Tent now has it's blue roof! and more!

    Sorry, no pics.. but on a trip past MK today, the blue tent now has it's roof.. Also - Dumbo is still in shrink/bubble wrap by central shops - The Test Track pizza cart is back stage by central shops being stripped. - A LARGE flouder and a LARGE ariel were being painted inside the...
  10. wdw71fan

    New Restaurant coming soon to Downtown Disney Area

    Burger 21 http://www.burger21.com/ Don't shoot the messenger.
  11. wdw71fan

    Dumbo Has Arrived (Again)

    All of the components (parts) for Dumbo B are now backstage behind central shops, in the sheet metal yard... They are all wrapped in shipping foam sheeting for protection.. You can see through the padding a bit and everything looks GREAT! They are scheduled for installation shortly. So we'll be...
  12. wdw71fan

    Big Top Removed?

    Just a heads up, I drove backstage today and noticed the red circus tent has had it's outer skin removed now... Not sure why they installed it only to remove it a few days later.... Test fit maybe? I don't know, but it was disconnected from the outer-perimeter of the tent and gathered at the...
  13. wdw71fan

    A couple of quick updates from MK

    Went out to MK last night, couple of updates: - Blackbeard projection is back on in Pirates, and looks GREAT.... as niec as it did when it debuted with the pirates refurb a few years back. - The circus tents in Storybook Circus are receiving their exterior skins.. The rear tent is nearly...
  14. wdw71fan

    Test Track 2012 Refurb.. You heard it here first.

    Get ready for TRON. Hows that for FUTURE world? :)
  15. wdw71fan

    Castle Lights tonight?

    Who's going? :)
  16. wdw71fan

    SpectroMagic being prepped for return..

    Take this as rumor at this point, but Spectromagic is being dusted off and prepped for a return shortly.. The floats have been pulled out of 'storage' mode and are now being gone through, upgraded and repaired as needed.. The Lead float, the 'spectromagic' banner float and the part of the...
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