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  1. zweltar

    WL Room Requests

    I've been reading up on rooms and such at Wilderness Lodge. We have a courtyard view booked for this summer. I've seen sites that list options you can select and such, such as floor preference, corner room, etc.. However, I haven't seen those options anywhere on MDX. What is the best way to...
  2. zweltar

    Snack Thread Post Poll

    I thought there was a lack of snack threads here, so I wanted to gauge the interest of WDWMagic members.
  3. zweltar

    DHS Plan Help

    My wife and I are having a heck of a time coming up with a game plan for DHS. This is our first trip with a toddler (almost 3) and we've never really explored the offerings for little kids, so we have no idea how much time to allocate for what and where. We know we want to go to TSMM first...
  4. zweltar

    How many days of FP+??

    At the 60 day mark, how many days of FP+ reservations can you make? Do you need to log on daily at midnight Eastern to book each day?
  5. zweltar

    FP+ Schedule and Ideas Help

    Hey all! My DW and I are taking my DS on his first trip to see the Mouse this coming June. We've talked through some FP+ ideas, and I'd like to bounce those ideas off of the experienced FP+'ers around here and see if there was any feedback or suggestions. Trip Overview: June 9-14, 5 nights/6...
  6. zweltar

    FP+ Feedback/Help/Suggestions

    Hey all! My DW and I are taking my DS on his first trip to see the Mouse this coming June. We've talked through some FP+ ideas, and I'd like to bounce those ideas off of the experienced FP+'ers around here and see if there was any feedback or suggestions. Trip Overview: June 9-14, 5 nights/6...
  7. zweltar

    How Long Does WDW Wait to Update Park Hours?

    I know that Disney typically announces extended park hours closer to an actual date, but this is the first trip I've taken where the posted June hours are so abbreviated. AK is posted to close at 5 and MK is a 10pm close every day, with DHS being an 8:30pm close. I know these will not be the...
  8. zweltar

    AllStar Movies - Best Rooms?

    I'll be staying at ASMovies for the first time ever this summer. What building would be the best to request? I'll have a rental car, so I'm not too sure that access to bus stops matters much. I also know I booked a standard room, but maybe a request could still be granted if there's availability.
  9. zweltar

    FP+ Scheduling and Timing Help

    This summer I will be taking my son to WDW for the first time. He's 2, almost 3. I have not yet done a trip with FP+, but I was a pro with the legacy FP system. My question is regarding the timing of FP+. Is early better? All together? Spaced out to allow more time to explore? Any advice would...
  10. zweltar

    RFID cards and Parking Lot Access

    For our visit in June, my in-laws will be staying in AKL and were at ASMo. I will have the rental car and will be picking them up from AKL daily. Is it possible for them to get an extra RFID card for "themselves" and then I use it to access the parking lot via the scanner? ETA: this question is...
  11. zweltar

    Illuminations Cruise Logistics Question

    I will be doing the Illuminations cruise on our upcoming trip. Before the cruise we'll be at Epcot and dining at Biergarten. Seeing as though the cruise will end when the park is closed, any advice on how or where to park so I can get to my car after the cruise? I don't think I'd be able to make...
  12. zweltar

    Friends and Family Question

    My in-laws are joining us for a trip in June. I have a Disney account that manages mine and my sons profile, I am linked to my wife's profile, and I am linked to my mother-in-laws profile. My father-in-law does not yet have a Disney account. We had already made dinner reservations for all four...
  13. zweltar

    Just booked first trip with child!!

    We just booked a June trip with our almost 3 yr old son. So excited, but I know I have A LOT of research to do. Haven't done a FP+ trip yet and never did meet & greets, so this will be lots of new territory. Any help/advice is welcome.
  14. zweltar

    Kicked to iTunes Store

    Lately I have been getting kicked to the iTunes Store automatically in the iPhone and iPad app. I am not clicking in a link or an ad. It's just doing it automatically. Very frustrating when I'm in the middle of reading, especially since it restarts the app, kicking me out of the thread. Any ideas?
  15. zweltar

    Help/Suggestions for Surprises

    Hey all. After an 18 month job hunt, I was finally offered a teaching job this past Friday. :sohappy: My wife and I have a trip planned for June. As a thank you for her patience and support during my job hunt, I would really like to do add some surprises to our trip. She's pretty awesome...
  16. zweltar

    Buffet at Coronado Springs

    I read that they are testing a buffet-style lunch at Coronado Springs. Does anyone know if this is considered a QS or TS meal on the dining plan? Thanks!
  17. zweltar

    Pin Question

    What email address do Disney PIN offers come from? I am curious as to what I should be looking for and I want to make sure it isn't going into my junk folder. Thanks!:wave:
  18. zweltar

    First trip with a car

    My wife and I booked a rental car for our June trip. This will be the first time we have a rental car and will drive ourselves around property. Previously we had relied on Disney transportation to get around. I was wondering what advice/pointers/help everyone out there might have? How much...
  19. zweltar

    Just booked 2012 trip!

    So excited! The wife and I just booked our 10-day trip for June 2012! :sohappy: We're staying at POFQ, where we've never stayed before. Really excited! This will most likely be our last trip before we have kids in the mix, so this is the last adults-only trip for quite some time. Really looking...
  20. zweltar

    Photopass with MVMCP

    I have a quick question regarding photopass and MVMCP. My wife and I are attending the party for the first time ever and have no clue about how this works. We've used Photopass in the past and love it. However, it is my understanding that they distribute different Photopass cards for guests...
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