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  1. Communicore

    So. What ruins this painting more?

    Is it Tinkerbell or the ghastly tombstones? :D
  2. Communicore

    The ‘Shine at Epcot Port of Entry

    Was at Epcot theme park yesterday for the first time since 2013 and noticed they sell the pseudo moonshine at Port of Entry. Since when did they sell those? I also saw some guests purchase those, and one even opened the bottle and proceeded to pour shots for his friends outside Port of Entry!
  3. Communicore

    A Pineapple Promenade question

    Why don’t they call it a “Dole Whip”? Is it because it’s different? I haven’t been to Pineappple Promenade and I was just curious. I’m gonna try to go next month, though!
  4. Communicore

    This WDW commercial really frustrates me so much

    I shouldn't be surprised but using this footage for a WDW commercial is just not right. It's been three years and they are still airing this ad. My goodness!!
  5. Communicore

    The Poutine stand that is close to the Uniqlo at Disney Springs

    Anyone try this, and is it good?
  6. Communicore

    Cinderella Castle - can it be enlarged and expanded

    Not sure if there is truth to the FAA restrictions or what not but can the castle be enlarged and expanded? Seeing the Shanghai one makes me jealous.
  7. Communicore

    Medieval Times - food to go?

    Is it possible to just buy the food and have it to go? Their food is the best!
  8. Communicore

    Mashup question

    Is there a mashup out there of the song "Rude" by Magic and "Diggin' in Dinoland"?
  9. Communicore

    The Continued Popularity of Liberty Inn

    Why don't they revamp this joint and introduce better options here? Is it because they know people will buy food here anyway so why bother?
  10. Communicore

    Renaming the TTC

    I think the TTC should be renamed, maybe to either: 1. Magic Kingdom Park parking lot 2. Transportation and MagicBand center 3. Ttc (kinda like EPCOT became Epcot) What do you think?
  11. Communicore

    Food bang for the buck

    Apart from the free salads, sauerkraut and cheese delights, etc. that I always talk about what do you think is the food item that gives you more bang for the buck? For me, I think it is the worms and dirt. A perfect combination of taste, price, and value. I hope they don't increase the price...
  12. Communicore

    Fish from Everything Pop! question

    Why is the adult fish called: "Beer battered Fish and Chips - with pasta salad or french fries." Bu the kids fish is the exact same one and it's just called: "Batter Fish - with grapes and carrot sticks." Is the "beer battered" meant to make the fish sound better?
  13. Communicore

    Half staffed map

    This is the first time I noticed that Space Mountain is cut off the map.
  14. Communicore

    Monorail bad show

    Check this out:
  15. Communicore

    Future World beer locations

    Do they still serve beer at the Starbucks Fountain View? I know they have beer at Sunshine Seasons. How many stands around FW sell them? I'm looking to compile a true drink around Epcot theme park to have a stop at each and every joint, including F&W booths.
  16. Communicore

    Attitudes if Burger is Ordered

    Have you been to any non-burger restaurants where the worker has an attitude if a burger is ordered? An example would be Tangierine Cafe. That place is notorious for the attitudes when a burger is ordered. It's as if their saying, why did this person order it, why do I have to cook this...
  17. Communicore

    Cape May Crabs

    How are the crabs like? Are they watery or steamy? Do they taste like real crab or is it sort of dried? Also do they have butter to dip the crab in?
  18. Communicore

    Cabana Bay transport and drink lounges and joints

    Does the boat from Citywalk stop at Cabana Bay? I'd like to add this to the Citywalk drinking tour. What kinds of lounges and joints do they have? Is it like the Universal Pacific hotel, which basically sucks, or is this like Polynesian?
  19. Communicore

    Just watched this for the first time

    Exciting times, and footage of Communicore!
  20. Communicore

    Any places that serve fried chicken?

    Not necessarily in the parks, but in the resorts perhaps?
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