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  1. Fantasmic

    Aurora's dess in Dream Along With Mickey

    Aurora's dress that magically changes colour... how DO they do it?!
  2. Fantasmic

    Show us your MNSSHP costumes!! (and MNSSHP Pics!)

    C'mon guys, show us your costumes and pics from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Here I am in my costume, Ariel in her sail dress. Unusual, and I got lots of compliments!
  3. Fantasmic

    lots of manager types in parks? `

    Here at wdw right now, and been noticing a lot of "suits" at the parks! they're all over the place, anyone any idea what's goin on?
  4. Fantasmic

    Filming at the MK today?

    Did anyone see the filming in the MK today? There seemed to be LOTS of manger-type people about too, I saw one called "rick" a few times! Also, Pirates was down until about 3pm and then when it was up, there were maintenance lights on the whole queue, the loading dock and down through the...
  5. Fantasmic

    Ugh, O.K. So this REALLY grinds my gears!

    I don't know if it's the same in the US but WDW are currently running a series of commercials, using stock footage from Disneyland. SO ANNOYING. I suppose the general public will never no the difference, but it REALLY bugs me! At least show the product you're advertising!
  6. Fantasmic

    Does anyone remember when....

    The entrance to Splash Mountain was up near the bridge in Frontierland... by the little house thing with Br'er Rabbit sticking out the top?
  7. Fantasmic

    Help me decide! Which hotel?!

    Hi guys, I've stayed in WDW for the past 3 trips (once in All Stars, twice in Port Orleans Riverside) Now, my OH and I adore POR, but I don't know whether to go for a change! We are coming from the UK so will be staying for 2 weeks and will be renting a car, I think I've narrowed it down to...
  8. Fantasmic

    A bit of lighthearted fun for us Disney nuts!

    Hi everyone, I was driving home one night a couple of weeks ago, and, as you do was singing along to Disney music on the way home. When "Part of your world" came on, I was singing along and suddenly started singing "In Walt Disney World" - which sparked an ember, which quickly grew over the...
  9. Fantasmic

    What is going on at Downtown Disney tonight?

    It's RAMMED! Absoloutly packed! People everywhere, you wouldn't think it was mid-September! Anyone know why?
  10. Fantasmic

    Port Orleans to Disney Car Care?

    Hi, we're thinking of renting a car for the 2nd week of our holiday, and would pick it up from the Disney Car Car Centre, near the Magic Kindgom. Is it true that I can get a free shuttle from POR to the Car Care Centre? :)
  11. Fantasmic

    My Favourite scene from FANTASMIC! is...

    For me it's the princess barges, I just ADORE Belle's dress. What's yours? :cool:
  12. Fantasmic

    Keys to the Kingdom Tour...

    Does anyone know what year the KTTK tour started? :shrug: I first did it in 1998, and it has changed lots since then! I can still remember our tour guide was called Skip!
  13. Fantasmic

    Disney Anagram, please help!

    Hi, can anyone solve this Disney anagram? The spaces AREN'T hints At Exigencies Sloth Troth Snowstorm Mut
  14. Fantasmic

    What costume are you wearing to MNSSHP

    I'm going as a Zebra! Unique and Stripy... :p What are you going as??
  15. Fantasmic

    Disney Dining Plan

    Hi, I'm a bit confused about the Disney Dining Plan, I've booked my trip through Virgin, and didn't see anything about this, can I get the DDP when I check into my hotel for an extra price ? :confused: :shrug:
  16. Fantasmic

    Crowds mid september?

    My BF and I are going to WDW mid september (10-24th) how are the crowds then? Is this a peacful time in WDW ?
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