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  1. MickeyMouse10

    Disney's RetroCOT

    Disney will eventually need a 5th gate and I think there is no better idea than one that encompasses themes Walt felt strongly about. The Past and America. Together they make a perfect sister park for Epcot, which is of course about The Future and The World. The following is my ideas I’ve...
  2. MickeyMouse10

    Making a better Magic Kingdom (update on pg. 2)

    In my opinion Magic Kingdom is the best park in Florida. But even the best could be even better. The following are my ideas, but I’m interested in knowing your ideas as well. On what you would do for each section or land. Lets start at the front of the park with... Main Street U.S.A...
  3. MickeyMouse10

    George Lucas Cut of "Rise of Skywalker"

    https://www.change.org/p/disney-release-the-lucas-cut-of-rise-of-skywalker I doubt that it's true, but this guys saying there is a version edited by George Lucas. Which includes a scene with Rey and Anakin and another which reunites Luke, Han and Leia.
  4. MickeyMouse10

    Disney's Encanto, from the makers of Zootopia

    https://insidethemagic.net/2020/06/new-disney-animated-film-tm1/#:~:text=It%20appears%20Walt%20Disney%20Animation,is%20gifted%20with%20magical%20powers. "The project is called Encanto and it is based on a Brazilian family where all but one little girl is gifted with magical powers." Could...
  5. MickeyMouse10

    Beastly Kingdom 5th Park (update on pg 10) (The Great Egyptian Lodge)

    The following is from a Beastly Kingdom 5th park thread I saw made by poster disneysource11 on multiple message boards. I'm not sure what forum it belongs in here because it sounds like Armchair Imagineering. The following is what I’m hearing from my source. Beastly Kingdom (possibly...
  6. MickeyMouse10

    Is SeaWorld preparing for a Sale?

    https://themeparkuniversity.com/theme-parks-101/is-seaworld-preparing-for-a-sale/ If this is true Universal should try and scoop it up and build a real 3rd park.
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