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  1. Naplesgolfer

    Security Check points at Disney Springs.

    I hope the security check points at DS go away now that the temperature checks are soon to be a thing of the past. I can't see Disney wanting to pay for them. Do most of you think these will go away or will Disney keep them around long term?
  2. Naplesgolfer

    Toy Story Mania Software change

    Has anyone heard of the possibility of Disney making a software change on Midway Mania to allow new games ? I thought I remember some of the insiders saying when the ride was built it was budgeted to have 2 more versions but they were cut. Wouldn't this software change be a very cost effective...
  3. Naplesgolfer

    Have you noticed the lack on maintenance ?

    Coming back from our recent trip staying at the Beach DVC villas I was once again struck by pitifully poor visual / decorative maintenance in the elevators and lobby doors. A number of rides, (Tower of Terror, Roarin, Grand fiesta etc. )seemed to have many issues with dents in decorative mental...
  4. Naplesgolfer

    Ratatouille FP+

    Disney is opening MMRR with FP. I think this may mean they launch Rat with FP as well. What is everyone's thoughts?
  5. Naplesgolfer

    Need help with Tower of Terror details

    I am going to send Josh D'Amaro a email asking him why TOT has been allowed to languish in such poor condition for so long. I want to see how he responds given his reputation. I was hopeful when they replaced the drive motors earlier this year all the other issues would be fixed and then...
  6. Naplesgolfer

    What is your favorite WDW Restaurant ?

    Mine is Flying Fish. Nothing but great meals and memories here for 20+ years. I have found the food and service to be the most consistent on property over time.
  7. Naplesgolfer

    Love bugs in WDW

    Coming up for a trip on Friday. Have the love bugs subsided yet? Any reports from the parks today?
  8. Naplesgolfer

    Any Theories as to why Disney frequently reduces the size and scope of new projects in the parks?

    Disney in recent years has reduced the length and detail of 7DMT. They decided to cut out the headliner ride, shortened the D ticket dark ride and eliminate the table service resturant altogether in Pandora. Now they have not built the table service resturant in GE. I understand corporate...
  9. Naplesgolfer

    what are the chances Disney continues to invest WDW post 2022 to correct the deficiencies in the build out of the parks?

    Epcot ,AK and HS need a significant amount of additional investment. IMHO it will take a large commitment to just catch up with where they would have been if they had invested for the last 15 years. Do any of our insiders have a opinion or knowledge as to Disney's plans or desires to continue to...
  10. Naplesgolfer

    Delicious Disney

    Has anyone else been to a Delicious Disney dinner? My wife and I just went our first one and wow it was great. If you are a foodie I recommend this. I know it is expensive , but considering and the food and wine and special guest talks it isn't a bad deal , especially considering it's Disney.
  11. Naplesgolfer

    Will Disney ever use the show buildings in Germany and Japan for rides?

    I would love for them to flesh out the world showcase with more attractions.( I love that RAT is coming) I know in 2018 these building are not up to code and would require a lot of modification. But they are in such prime spots, it seems a waste to not use them. The whole farce of needing a...
  12. Naplesgolfer

    Old Key West 2057

    I am considering a purchase of more DVC points. ( resale) Ione of the possible add on’s is more Old Key West but with a 2057 end date. Some of my current points are OKW 2042. ( owned since 1996). I am concerned about the uncertainty of what happens from year 2043 -2057. There are 2-3 plausible...
  13. Naplesgolfer

    What will Disney do about the resorts expiring in 2042 ??

    Disney has 6 resorts expiring in 2042. 4 in WDW and 2 elsewhere . I wonder if they will need to start offering extensions of various lengths on these resorts soon. I know they can't remodel (or demolish and rebuild) and resell these resorts all at the same time they need 3-4 gaps in order to do...
  14. Naplesgolfer

    Saratoga Refurb mock up room

    Disney was going to make up a mock-up room for the up coming refurbishment for the Saratoga members to walk through and comment on. Does anyone have picture's or a link to some? Did they actually make these rooms?
  15. Naplesgolfer

    Any theories on why Disney poorly maintains many of their rides?

    Disney clearly has the money to maintain their rides but in many instances does not. They leave many things broken and wait far to long between overhauls.I wonder if it's not partly do to some internal struggle for funding between different departments. I really find it odd that TDO spends...
  16. Naplesgolfer

    Best route from Disney to Universal

    I am am looking for the quickest route with the least traffic from Hollywood studios to Universal for HHN in OCT at 5:30/6 pm on a Friday. Any thoughts?
  17. Naplesgolfer

    Annual passes and park crowding

    Do you think annual pass holders are disproportionate part of the crowding problem at WDW? Should they significantly raise the pass cost to counter this?
  18. Naplesgolfer

    Void in Disney Springs

    What is everyone's opinion of this experience? I haven't been yet, but my kids said it was great and they were surprised it wasn't harder to book. They felt if this was a ride in the parks, the standby line would be 4 hours.
  19. Naplesgolfer

    Disney slowly losing some of what made it special.

    I am a big Disney fan and long time lurker on this forum. 2nd generation DVC and coming since 94. My concerns are that in the time I have been coming I have seen a erosion of the unique. Examples would be the candy woman in Epcot Japan, Adventurer's club , egg painting in Germany etc. Also the...
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