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  1. DVCOwner

    Vero Beach Three Bedroom Cottages

    Does anyone know if they have completed refurbishments on the three bedroom units at Disney's Vero Beach Resort? Planning a trip down there in December.
  2. DVCOwner

    Dinner Shows?

    Am I the only one or would you like to see more Dinner Shows at Walt Disney World. I love Hoop Dee Doo and the Laua is okay, but I think that Disney needs more. I would like to see a show with a cast performing hits from Disney's Broadway shows. Any other suggestions.
  3. DVCOwner

    How Many DVC Resorts Have You Stayed At?

    I was wondering if anyone has stayed at every DVC Resort. So Far I have stayed at Animal Kingdom Villas, Disney's Old Key West, Disney's BoardWalk Villas, Disney's Vero Beach Resort, The Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, and Bay Lake Tower at the...
  4. DVCOwner

    Wild Predictions About Walt Disney World

    How about making a prediction about something that is going to happen at Walt Disney World in the next 10 years. I have two: 1. Avatar is going to be such a big hit that Disney will start adding a third ride within a year of opening date. 2. Star Wars will be even bigger and Disney will be...
  5. DVCOwner

    A Lot Of Refurbishments Going On

    It seems that in addition to all the new stuff Disney is building at Walt Disney World there seems to be a lot more refurbishments going on and being scheduled then in the past few years. As many of you know I think that Disney has neglected Walt Disney World and not put the money needed into...
  6. DVCOwner

    More places to get beer and wine at the Magic Kingdom

    Just returned from Walt Disney World and was told by someone I know that they are planning on allowing all sit down, table service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom to sell beer and wine with dinner. Anyone else heard anything about this?
  7. DVCOwner

    Am I The Only One....This Site Is Becoming Way To Negative

    I am ready to take all the arrows coming my way, but am I the only one that thinks this web site is going to negative. I know I will be called a pixie duster or something like that, but I use to find a lot of great information when planning my next trip to Walt Disney World. I am the first to...
  8. DVCOwner

    Magic Band Battery Life

    Here is a questions that I can not seem to get an answer to. I have been told that Magic Bands have a battery in them that will last somewhere between a year and three years. I have been told there a two RFD chips in the Magic Band. One up for use up close and one for a greater distance. When...
  9. DVCOwner

    WDW vs. Disneyland Resort - Night Time Entertainment

    I have just got back from a five day trip to the Disneyland Resort. Had not been to Disneyland for years. I have been going to Walt Disney World a least twice a year for several years now. I think it might be interesting to get other peoples views on Walt Disney World vs. Disneyland Resort. To...
  10. DVCOwner

    Just Returned From Disneyland Resort and I Missed My Magic Band

    My wife and I just returned from a five day trip to Disneyland Resort with two other couples. All of us go to Walt Disney World several times a year. The one thing all of us said was that we missed our Magic Bands. All six of us agreed we wish we had them. We really missed the little things like...
  11. DVCOwner

    10 Down and 1 To Go

    I am less than three weeks from now I will be heading to Disneyland Resort and visiting Disney California Adventure. This will be 11th Disney Park that I have been to starting with Walt Disney World in 1974. Here is a list of parks and when I made my first visit to each: Magic Kingdom Florida -...
  12. DVCOwner

    Who is a "Pixie Duster"?

    I guess I have been called a "Pixie Duster" several times on this web site, so I am asking the questions who really is the Pixie Dusters. First let me tell you that I love the Disney Parks. I have been to all of them worldwide except for Disney's California Adventure and plan on going there in...
  13. DVCOwner

    Shanghai Disneyland - When Will It Open?

    I have seen a lot of rumors about when the Shanghai Disneyland Resort will open. Today ShanghaiDaily.com run this article: Shanghai Disney to basically finish construction in 2015: mayor Jan 30,2015 SHANGHAI, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Construction of Disney's first park on the Chinese mainland will...
  14. DVCOwner

    Frozen in the Parks

    I had read on this web site how over the top Frozen was in the Parks. Just got back from a short 3 day trip and found that Frozen was not as "in your face" as I was expecting from reading all the complaints here. What I did find interesting is how many little girls where dress as the girls...
  15. DVCOwner

    Reusing Magic Band

    I looked and cannot find the answer to this. Can I unlink a Magic Band from my account and give it to someone else to link to thier account? I have a box full of Magic Bands and a friend is going to Walt Disney World and could use one.
  16. DVCOwner

    I am going to Disneyland - Last trip 1987

    After 27 years I am planning a return trip to Disneyland. My wife and I have been to Disneyland many times when we lived in California, but have never been to Disney California Adventure. We have been all ten of the other Disney parks. At the seven month window, we where able to get book into a...
  17. DVCOwner

    Disney Tokyo Resort and Duffy the Bear???

    What is it with Duffy the Bear at Tokyo Disney Resort? There where two stores at Disney Sea selling Duffy the Bear and the day we where there we at the park and could not get into either one of them. We first went at 11:00 AM and told that we needed a reservation to get into line and that all...
  18. DVCOwner

    What do you have to do?

    I wanted reserved seats for the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival's Party for the Senses on October 25th. I started calling at 6:58 AM on the first day of offer (July 31st) and got put in the cue at a few seconds after 7:00 AM. Was in the cue for 31 minutes and by then all Category I...
  19. DVCOwner

    Weather Effecting Our Trip Planning for Shanghai Disneyland

    They keep saying that Shanghai Disneyland will open in "late 2015". Because all we know about the opening date is this, we where looking to start planing a trip to Shanghai Disneyland in December 2015. We looked up the weather and here is the average temperatures for Shanghai: Data of...
  20. DVCOwner

    Things are start to move at Shanghai Disney Resort

    According to the ENCS.CN news service this are picking up on the building of the Shanghai Disney Resort. The article is shown below: Topping out of 1st hotel in Shanghai Disney Resort The first of two Disney-themed hotels in the Shanghai Disney Resort topped out on Wednesday. Located inside...
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