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  1. dmatt87

    Trip Report A Royal Affair: Oli's First Visit

    THE SETUP Hi folks! This is my first trip report - although I'm no @Tuvalu , I'm hoping to make this report magical and memorable. The trip starts officially on May 19th, and ends on May 26th. So why so early you ask? I'm planning on updating this report throughout the week with LIVE updates...
  2. dmatt87

    Planet Hollywood or House of Blues

    We will be in Disney in less than a week, and I'm surprisingly (not!) fiddling in my ADRs. We currently have a reservation on our last night at Planet Hollywood Observatory in DS - when I made the initial reservation, the menu has a KIDS OPTION on the MDE app - but now no kids menu. My wife...
  3. dmatt87

    Where is Moana?

    I know that the GotG M&G has taken over One Man's Dream in HS and replaced the Moana M&G. My son who will be 4 next week is a huge Moana fan and was really hoping to meet her. We will be at WDW from May 20 to 26. Does anyone know if Moana has popped up somewhere new recently? I know there are...
  4. dmatt87

    Counter Service in Epcot

    We have all are ADRs and restaurants picked for our May trip but I'm still uncertain about our lunch at Epcot. What are the good counter service options, beside Sunshine Seasons, for a picky child and a mildly adventurous wife? Thanks!
  5. dmatt87

    Autograph Book Question

    We purchased an autograph book for our son to use on our upcoming trip. There was a small pen that came with it but I don't think it was optimal - so I had purchased 2 coloured sharpies to use instead but I'm not sure that it's allowed and/or recommended. Are the Sharpies the right choice, and...
  6. dmatt87

    How much cash should we bring?

    Being a Canadian, I don't carry American currency in my wallet on a regular basis. So usually before leaving for a trip in US, I stop by my bank and purchase some good old American dollars. Disney is a little different than a trip to NYC where I know I will be paying cash for some items. At...
  7. dmatt87

    Is Memory Maker worth it?

    I'm currently debating if I should purchase the Memory Maker for our upcoming May trip. It will be our son's first visit and we will be celebrating is 4th birthday. I believe we will have many great photo opportunities, but I find the price a little steep. Should we go forward or just order a...
  8. dmatt87

    Early Breakfast ADRs Questions

    For our May trip, I was aiming at making no ADRs for breakfast - I find them too rushing in the morning, and they sometimes step over precious park time. However, I'm planning a dream vacation for DS4, so I'm trying to squeeze in a little more character meals than usual (which is usually 0 ;))...
  9. dmatt87

    POR or AKL?

    We are currently book for 6 nights at POR starting May 20th - we had moved over from CBR once construction was announced. It will be me, DW and DS4 coming to celebrated DS 4th birthday and his first time. We are very happy with POR, however we might be coming to some extra disposable income...
  10. dmatt87

    Back Pack Question

    I can't remember the rules for backpacks from our last visit in 2011. We had a small backpack during our trip and seemed to bring it everywhere and on every ride. This time we are coming with DS and we know we will need to bring more stuff with us. We have a bigger backpack but we aren't sure...
  11. dmatt87

    Dinning Plan - Substitution

    I have a quick question, that might of been already answered on these boards, but I can't find it. For our May trip, we have the DDP. We will use it for a few QS meals at parks but also at the resort. In both instances, is it possible to substitute the drink for a snack item? At the resort we...
  12. dmatt87

    Tusker House - Character Dinning

    I couldn't find anything on the Disney website saying otherwise, but I wanted to check if Donald and the gang shows up for dinner or only for breakfast and lunch. Does anyone know?
  13. dmatt87

    Pre-Trip 4th Birthday at WDW - why not?

    Hi guys, This is my first attempt at a Pre-Trip report, and hopefully a Trip Report afterwards :) PROLOGUE Ever since our honeymoon in 2011, I've been telling my wife that we have to go back to the most magical place on Earth! That trip, almost 6 years ago, was my first Disney vacation - I had...
  14. dmatt87

    Kona Café or The Wave

    We currently have a dinner booked at Coral Reef during our May trip but my wife showed interest in eating at a monorail restaurant. I'm wondering if we are better off staying with with Coral Reef, switching to Kona Café or changing to The Wave. We don't want Signature option since we are on the...
  15. dmatt87

    CBR vs. Pop Century

    Hi folks! We are booked for a 6 nights stay at CBR this May - and we are extremely pleased with our choice. However, since we are coming in from Canada, the exchange rate really kills us on pricing. I started to look at other options and was considering maybe switching to Pop Century, I would...
  16. dmatt87

    Akershus & Cinderella's Royal Table: Overkill?

    I've got ADR's for Akershus (dinner) and Cinderella's Table (lunch) during our stay in May. We will be a table of three: me, DW and DS4. We booked those meals in order to meet a variety of princesses, to avoid doing to many character meets and greets while in the park. However, I am now worried...
  17. dmatt87

    Cinderella's Royal Table Miracle

    I believe in miracles... and perseverance. Having booked our May trip in January, I knew that some dinning reservations would be impossible to get, for examples Cinderella's Royal Table (B, L, D). And sure enough when I booked 3 weeks ago, I couldn't get a table for anytime during the day...
  18. dmatt87

    FP+ : What time?

    We are going to WDW in May and we are already deep in our planning and I'm anxiously awaiting the important March date to book by FP+ 60 days out. However, I'm not certain at what time (ET) I'm able to book them. I have read 12am, 6am and 7am. Which one is correct? I don't want to miss my shot.
  19. dmatt87

    Dinning Plan with a kid

    We booked our tripped for the end of May, about 2 weeks ago. Two adults and one 4yr old boy. We did the calculations and getting the DDP was the best option. However, since we didn't book 180 days before, it was a tougher job to book good restaurants. I got creative and think we made some good...
  20. dmatt87

    CBR - with 4yr old boy

    We booked a 6 nights stay for me, my wife and our 4yr old boy at CBR. We have a water view room. We were initially looking at a value resort, to be more kid friendly, however my wife and I need a queen size bed to enjoy a good night of sleep - we both move a lot in our sleep. Because of that...
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