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  1. Mukta

    Trip Report The first days of F&G 2016

    I was in Orlando from 2-27 to 3-6. I went to the 4 WDW park and spent 3 days at Universal. This trip report will focus on F&G and will be picture heavy. If you know me well, you know it will include pics of food. I got to Epcot on 2/27 and just about all of the topiaries were up and ready to...
  2. Mukta

    Dec 2015 Food only trip report

    I'm going over my pictures from my trip and I thought i would share the food pics with you guys.
  3. Mukta

    Symphony in the Stars 2/29

    My next trip to WDW is fast approaching and I am seeing mixed info on this. I plan to be in DHS on 2/29. Will there be fireworks? Some calendars say the park closes at 7 while others say 8. I don't want to stay in that park too late if there aren't fireworks. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Mukta

    Snacks and drinks during Christmas

    One of my favorite things to do in WDW during December is to enjoy the specialty drinks and foods. When do they usually announce what they will have this year?
  5. Mukta

    Liberty Tree Tavern ADR Watch Thread - ADRs now open!!!!

    Like a lot of you, I am hoping to get an LTT ADR for my Dec trip (if Skipper's Canteen doesn't open). I'm hoping for lunch on 12/11. Which day are you hoping for?
  6. Mukta

    Yacht Club refurb

    I stayed in the newly renovated rooms in BC in Sept and they were lovely. I am staying at YC in Dec. Any chance refurb will have started? Am I looking at a lot of inconveniences if I stay during a refurb?
  7. Mukta

    Trouble linking AP in MDE

    If you are following my fiasco at all on the Disneyland threads, I apologize for the repeats. I bought a Premier pass yesterday (after trying multiple times at DL). I added it to MDE as I could make FPP at 9 pm yesterday my time. I enter the number, assign it to me and it accepts it. i get...
  8. Mukta

    Lounges that serve your favorite dishes

    We all have favorite dishes at the World, but sometimes we can't get a reservation or we don't want to waste a lot of time at a restaurant just to have that one dish. I thought we could make a list of the dishes we love that are served in the lounges. For example, the bread pudding and the...
  9. Mukta

    Great Movie Ride during Morning EMH

    I am seeing conflicting info. Some sites say GMR is open during Morning EMH and some say it is not. Has anyone been recently to confirm? I arrive in 2.5 weeks.
  10. Mukta

    Kaki Gori in Japan

    I have never tried this snack. Since my Sept trip will be especially hot, I thought I would try it. What is your favorite flavor? Any pics or reviews?
  11. Mukta

    Delicious snacks?

    I have spent an inordinate amount of time in Florean's so far, but it occurs to me that there may be other snacks to indulge in. What snacks do you love to eat in the parks? Are there some great salty ones?
  12. Mukta

    Holiday Sleigh Ride

    I just booked my holiday sleigh ride for Fort Wilderness in December. It was $79 this year instead of the $70 last year. Any advice or experience with it? We have dinner at Artist Point and then the sleigh ride 2 hours later. How late does the boat run from WL to FW? How long does it take?
  13. Mukta

    Chef Mickey's

    This is one of the few places on property I have never tried. Which meal did you prefer here? Breakfast, lunch or dinner?
  14. Mukta

    Grand Floridian Buildings

    Which building do you prefer to stay in and why?
  15. Mukta

    Favorite snacks in AK

    I have about 6 hours in AK for my next trip, so I don't want to waste a lot of time eating. I was looking for your favorite snacks that I can get quickly, walk with and will be delicious. Any advice and/or photos are greatly appreciated.
  16. Mukta

    How far ahead are park hours released?

    I am used to wdw hours being published 6 months ahead of time. Are Universal hours also published 6 months out?
  17. Mukta

    Spicy drinks

    I like my alcoholic drinks to have a spicy kick to them. Jalapeno, habanero or any pepper will do. What are the best spicy drinks in WDW?
  18. Mukta

    How does FP+ work with a split stay?

    I am staying in one hotel on 9/11 and another on 9/12. When my 60 days mark comes up, will I have to make FP+ plans each day or will I be able to make both days at once?
  19. Mukta

    July 17th DL plans?

    I went to DL on 7/17/2005. I got there at 4 am, and saw all of the awesome presentations, shows etc. I got my free ears, ate cupcakes and cried at the beautiful tributes to Walt. In anticipation of this year, I have taken time off of work and booked a room at the DL hotel. I thought I would...
  20. Mukta

    Universal annual pass

    I am thinking about upgrading my 2 day 2 park ticket when I visit in September. Can I do this at the gates and just pay the difference? Anything I should know about having a Universal AP?
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