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  1. lebeau

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Was a Mistake

    I recently posted an article on my blog explaining why I think Disney's 4th park was a mistake: "Disney opened its fourth theme park in Florida in 1998 to mixed reviews and confusion regarding what the heck Animal Kingdom was supposed to be. Marketing for the newest addition to Walt Disney...
  2. lebeau

    Lawsuit Reveals Volcano Bay Water Slide Injured Over A Hundred, Paralyzing One

    Lawsuit Reveals Universal Parks Attraction Injured Over A Hundred, Paralyzing One The theme park industry is trying to find its footing as it tries to get back to doing something resembling business as usual. However, Universal Orlando Resort in addition to having to figure out the future is...
  3. lebeau

    HHN 20202

    SELECT NIGHTS ◆ SEPT 10–NOV 1, 2020 THE WORLD’S PREMIER HALLOWEEN EVENT Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, now in its 30th year, brings together stories and visions from the world’s most notorious creators of horror to Universal Studios Florida. Experience terrifying haunted houses, sinister...
  4. lebeau

    Universal Orlando's CityWalk Begins Reopening This Week

    Universal Orlando's CityWalk Begins Reopening This Week The Universal Orlando Resort announced today that it will begin reopening select restaurants and retail locations at its CityWalk shopping and dining district on May 14. Select locations will be open from 4-10pm each day, starting...
  5. lebeau

    AMC Bans Universal Films Over Direct-to-Steaming

    AMC’s Blacklist Of Universal Is A Risky Bluff Or A Major Mistake AMC cannot afford to not to blacklist the studio which will release the likes of Minions 2, No Time to Die, Jurassic World: Dominion and F9. Spurred by NATO’s displeasure over Universal UHS’s decision to release Trolls: World...
  6. lebeau

    Green Eggs and Ham Is Open!

    They are serving a variety of topped tater tots and a s'mores dish. Who Hash is served in a souvenir can.
  7. lebeau

    Universal Studios: ‘Bourne Stuntacular’ to open in spring of 2020

    Worst-kept secret in Orlando? Nothing here most of us weren't already pretty sure of except confirmation of an opening season. ------------------------- Universal Studios is opening a new attraction based on the film character Jason Bourne, the Orlando theme park confirmed Tuesday. “The Bourne...
  8. lebeau

    Trip Report Lebeau Family Trip Report 2019: Portofino Bay, Mardis Gras and Birthday Fun - Completed

    This report covers my family's recent Spring Break trip to Universal Orlando. I typically write my trip reports on my blog and then export them here. If you would like to read ahead of what is posted here, a link to the continuing trip report is at the end of this installment. Thanks for...
  9. lebeau

    Universal Has Started Charging $2 for Some Ride Lockers

    The small lockers that are roughly the size of a PO Box are still free, but Universal has started charging guests $2 for the larger lockers that can hold a back-pack, shopping bag or upright drink cup. Personally, I think this is terrible customer service that will end up costing them sales in...
  10. lebeau

    RIP Stan Lee - Co-creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk and Many Others

    Stan Lee's impact on pop culture cannot be over-stated. He was a giant in comic books and that influence has spilled over into every other media you can think of. Most relevant to this forum, there would be no Marvel Superhero Island if not for Stan "the Man". Excelsior!
  11. lebeau

    Trip Report Lebeau Family Trip Report 2018: Universal Orlando

    Lebeau Family Trip Report 2018: Universal Orlando Resort Part 1 It’s that time of year again. The Lebeaus have recently returned from what has become a quasi-annual pilgrimage to the theme park capital of the world, Orlando. This year’s trip was essentially a do-over of last year’s vacation at...
  12. lebeau

    2018 Mardi Gras Annual Pass Special (My Universal Photos)

    Thought I would share in case anyone is thinking about buying a photo package. Currently, Amazing Pictures is offering a "Mardi Gras" special. Here are the details: $79.99 1 Year Unlimited Digital Downloads, 1 Free 5x7 Print, 1 Free 8x10 Print, In Park and Online Photo Discounts I called...
  13. lebeau

    Trip Report Lebeau Family Trip Report 2017: Universal Orlando

    (This trip report recently ran at my blog, so you may see an occasional reference to the site the report was originally posted to.) My family and I have recently returned from our latest theme park vacation. When the kids were little, we made regular visits to Walt Disney World in Orlando...
  14. lebeau

    Using FP With Rider Swap

    Hey all, A coworker of mine is trying to game the system and I have concerns that it might blow up in her face. She has split her FP reservations so that half her family has FPs for one attraction and the other half has FPs for a different attraction. Then she is planning to use Rider Swap so...
  15. lebeau

    Disney Emoji Blitz

    Anyone else playing? Cute game. I initially had trouble accessing the emoji I had unlocked, but finally figured it out. The instructions appeared to be written for an iphone which wasn't very helpful on my Android phone.
  16. lebeau

    Starlog Archives: Disney’s Star Tours

    Disney fans are waiting in anticipation for news on the upcoming Star Wars projects opening in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. In 1987, Starlog Magazine published a two-part article covering the first Star Wars attraction, Star Tours. Here’s a look at the first time Star Wars came to Disney...
  17. lebeau

    Welcome to EPCOT Center

    Back in 1983, when EPCOT Center was still relatively new, Starlog magazine published a 3-part walking tour of the park. Whether you remember the glory days of Epcot or you wish you had the chance to experience it yourself, welcome to EPCOT Center...
  18. lebeau

    Parking at the Poly for the Day?

    Asking for a friend who is planning a trip. Thanks in advance for feedback. A friend of mine is going to be staying at Coronado Springs in late May. They have breakfast scheduled at O'Hana one morning and after that they plan to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom. He's going to have his car...
  19. lebeau

    Worst to First: Ranking the Disney Princesses

    Back in the spring, I wrote an article on my blog in which I ranked the Disney princesses. It was a lot of fun at the time. But I didn't give it much thought after that. Recently, I have expanded the Worst to First concept into a series and added the ability for readers to make rankings of...
  20. lebeau

    Trip Report Lebeau Family Trip Report 2015: Universal Studios and a Disney Dream Cruise

    For the last few years, our big family vacations have mostly involved going to Walt Disney World. Last year, we made a special trip to check out Disney's latest additions in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. At the airport on the way home, we got into an elevator with a guy carrying a...
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