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  1. HauntedPirate

    AP magnets back at DAK through March 2021

    Annual Passholders can pick up a Donald magnet in DinoLand USA during the following dates: February 22-26 March 1-5 March 8-12 March 15-19 This is the same magnet that was given out in Epcot in early 2020 for the Flower & Garden Festival.
  2. HauntedPirate

    2022 ticket price “increase”

    BlogMickey reported earlier today that the average ticket price is going up about $5/day, or about 4%, for 2022. No ticket price increase per se - Tickets will still range from $109-159/day for a single day ticket. But overall, daily prices will trend higher than they do this year, so fewer days...
  3. HauntedPirate

    Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party price increase

    My wife was looking at the MK Fireworks Dessert Party this morning. Pricing is going up starting February 1, 2020. At Tomorrowland Terrace: Now through January 31, 2020: $84 per adult (ages 10 and up); $50 per child (ages 3 to 9), tax included Starting February 1, 2020: $99 per adult (ages 10...
  4. HauntedPirate

    $100 million bonus for Iger facing bigger hurdles

    Not sure this link will work, I’ll try to find another if it doesn’t. https://www.wsj.com/articles/disney-raises-the-bar-iger-has-to-clear-to-win-bonus-1543867631 He’s already received $25 million. This would appear to be incentivizing more short-term thinking, which will undoubtedly impact...
  5. HauntedPirate

    Testing at Lake Disney, Sept 24-28, 2018

    Looks like they are doing some show effect testing on Lake Disney this week. This is posted on a temporary fence.
  6. HauntedPirate

    Annual Pass for US residents

    Does anyone know if it's possible for someone in the US to purchase a DLP Annual Pass online? We've tried going thru the FR Pass Annuel site, but it doesn't process our purchase (We've already contacted the credit card company to allow foreign purchases).
  7. HauntedPirate

    2019 Dining Plan costs

    I was just exchanging text messages with a friend/neighbor about prices for next year. Looking at 7 nights in June, the QSP is $210 per person per night (The DDP is $302 per person per night). To us, that's just ridiculous. Can you even break even with the QSP anymore? Even with ordering the...
  8. HauntedPirate

    Room security and hackers

    IRL, I'm an IT guy. I don't deal with this type of stuff on a daily basis, but "cyber security" has crept into most IT jobs on a daily basis these days, so reading up about hacks, vulnerabilities, etc., is just part of my regular routine these days. I know many do not worry about physical...
  9. HauntedPirate

    Disney, nostalgia, and the future

    Some thoughts and opinions that have been bouncing around my head for a while. WDW has been "running" on nostalgia since at least 2005, when Bob Iger took over as CEO, and possibly for several years prior to that. They are have been cashing in on nostalgia for years, as evidenced by the...
  10. HauntedPirate

    April 2017 - ESPN Lays Off Around 100 On-Air and Dot-Com Announcers

    Sad news for many: http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-espn-layoffs-20170426-story.html Lots of on-air personalities were let go that were with ESPN for many, many years (and, thus, likely higher on the wage scale). Maybe paying the NBA billions and billions each year for the...
  11. HauntedPirate

    Package Handling Fee added at WDW Resorts

    Presented without comment (and I truly hope I'm not violating any rules, I haven't posted links to other Disney sites before, so I apologize in advance if I did)...
  12. HauntedPirate

    Snack price increases?

    My wife, who was down at WDW from last Thursday until today, said that she noticed several snacks had increased in price. Examples: Mickey Ice Cream Bar: Was $3.75, now $5.00 Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich: Now $5.00 Mickey Pretzel: Now $6.00 Does anyone more 'in the know" have more information...
  13. HauntedPirate

    Happy Birthday, Mickey!

    88 years old today, and you don't look a day over 21. :) I'm proud to share this birthday with you, I'm now half as old as you are! :eek:
  14. HauntedPirate

    Cannot verify with two-factor authentication

    I recently bought a new phone, and the Google Authenticator settings for this site did not transfer over. Now, on my home computer, I'm being prompted for an authentication code. However, since I'm not registering for the first time I am not able to set up WDWMagic in Google Authenticator...
  15. HauntedPirate

    Marty Sklar in Fantasyland

    Holy crap, my wife and I are in Bonjour Village Gifts and saw Marty Sklar!! Not sure who he was with, almost positive it was a couple of high level muckety-mucks. Highlight of almost any WDW vacation so far!!! Side note - He's definitely looking older, and was walking with a cane.
  16. HauntedPirate

    On our way! Our first mom-and-dad only trip!

    We're sitting on the plane waiting to leave the gate. Next stop: MCO!! :) I'll try to update each evening if I can. Bonus: I finally get to be in a Magic Kingdom (at DL or WDW) on my birthday! My 40th this year on Sunday. Say, doesn't a famous mouse have a birthday coming up soon? ;)
  17. HauntedPirate

    Something new for us.... BWV!

    We're booked at BWV (Preferred View) for 1/15-1/21/09. :sohappy: We had our choice of at least 5 DVC properties at that time, including BCV. The only drawback that prevented us from staying at BCV was that one night (the Sunday night) was sold out. Still happy about getting in there, though...
  18. HauntedPirate

    Happy Birthday, Mickey and...

    well.... me. :) And a Happy Birthday to all those who share their birthday with the world's most famous Mouse!
  19. HauntedPirate

    LBV pronunciation

    Not sure if this is correct forum, but I'll start here. Lake Buena Vista: Is it pronounced - A) Lake Bew-na Vista, or B) Lake Boi-na Vista? This is to settle a dispute between myself and my wife. :)
  20. HauntedPirate

    Can you walk from OKW to POFQ?

    The title says it all. :) Can you walk from Old Key West to PO: French Quarter? I don't remember if there's a sidewalk along the road that the PO resorts are on, but I know we'd have to cross the street at OKW. The reason - someone in our family wants chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast...
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