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  1. WDWtraveler

    News New Building between AK's Satu'li Canteen and Festival of the Lion King

    Photo update as of Saturday, September 28, 2019. This may have been mentioned or posted elsewhere, but I didn't find it. A new building is being constructed behind Pandora's Satu'li Canteen (in the backstage area) and Festival of the Lion King theatre. The building is on the elevated area...
  2. WDWtraveler

    Main Street Emporium columns refurbishment

    Photo update as of Friday, Jan 13. The columns on both sides of the Main Street Emporium are being refurbished. Construction walls are on either side of the columns, with a passage between the construction walls and the window displays of the Emporium. There is also a passage at the street...
  3. WDWtraveler

    Updated landscaping at Animal Kingdom tram loading area

    Photo update as of Sunday, Dec.18. Landscaping in the "islands" at the tram loading area at the Animal Kingdom entrance is being replaced with lower growing plants. The tall trees remain. The previous landscaping was tall enough to obscure the actual park entrance and I suppose some guests...
  4. WDWtraveler

    Interior refurbishment at Main Street Uptown Jewelers

    Photo update as of Saturday, July 23. Uptown Jewelers on Main Street is closed for an interior refurbishment. The exterior doors on both sides are closed, as well as interior passages between stores. The windows now advertise that Pandora is still open, but only accessible by their door in...
  5. WDWtraveler

    City Hall / Town Square Restrooms at Magic Kingdom Closed for Refurbishment

    Photo update as of Friday, April 29. The public restrooms next to City Hall at the Magic Kingdom are closed for refurbishment. For the time being, the closest restrooms are located behind Casey's Corner or The Plaza Restaurant. Given the crowds on Main Street, that can be quite a hike if...
  6. WDWtraveler

    Ground-level construction near security entrance at Magic Kingdom

    Before the main security bag check entrance to the Magic Kingdom plaza, construction crews have dug into the flower beds on either side, and removed pavement at the left side near the security bag check. These are the flower beds on either side that display holiday themed decorations. Not sure...
  7. WDWtraveler

    Carousel of Progress exterior refurbishment

    Photo update as of Sunday, April 10. Two sections of the exterior of the Carousel of Progress have scaffolding with construction scrims. The People Mover passes behind these construction scrims.
  8. WDWtraveler

    Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique moving to part of Once Upon A Toy next year

    The two rooms in the back of Once Upon A Toy (far left side in the below photo) will be closed off as of November 1st and will be converted into the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The new boutique will have its own entrance, to be constructed in the existing building. A wall will be built at...
  9. WDWtraveler

    Monorail beam cleaning and painting

    While some monorail beam cleaning has occurred in the past (pressure washing), today I noticed a significant difference in monorail upkeep. Much of the monorail beam at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) area has been cleaned recently, and now, the beams have received a coat of paint...
  10. WDWtraveler

    Interior Refurbishment on Main Street

    The interiors of "Fashion Apparel" and "Hall of Champions," on the left side of Main Street, are closed for refurbishment. The latter is next to Casey's Corner. The exterior doors are locked, the windows are covered over, and the interior passageway from the adjoining retail store is blocked...
  11. WDWtraveler

    Exterior Refurbishment of Country Bear Jamboree

    Photo update as of Friday, Sept 4. The view from Adventureland, near Aloha Isle (on left). The passage between Adventureland and Frontierland is on the right.
  12. WDWtraveler

    Castle Couture exterior refurbishment

    Photo update as of Wednesday, July 29. The exterior of the Castle Couture shop, directly behind and left of Cinderella Castle, is being refurbished. The Cinderella fountain is also included behind the scaffolding and construction cloth.
  13. WDWtraveler

    Then and Now - WDW Comparison Photos

    This thread will showcase changes to Walt Disney World over the years. My intent is to post pairs of photographs, from years ago to present day, of various WDW views to show the changes occurring to WDW. Some changes will be quite apparent (i.e., buildings, vegetation), while other changes...
  14. WDWtraveler

    Wilderness Lodge feature pool rehab completed

    During the fall of 2014, the feature pool area at the Wilderness Lodge was closed for an extensive rehab. Following are photos of this completed work which now includes new wooden walkways to the geyser and the boat dock, two new hot tubs, and a children's water play area. The entire pool area...
  15. WDWtraveler

    Wilderness Lodge lobby update

    Work began this morning replacing the outer covering on the four large "teepee" lights in the Wilderness Lodge lobby. The structure and shape of the lights will remain the same, but the outer covering is being replaced. The existing faux animal skin covering was so brittle, workmen were...
  16. WDWtraveler

    Skeleton pirates display at World of Disney side entrance replaced

    Photos as of Wednesday, October 8, 2014. The skeleton pirates in jail at the side entrance of World of Disney at Downtown Disney have been completely removed and replaced with the following (pictures of both sides). Workers were still painting when the photos were taken. The skeleton at the...
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