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  1. bebert


    Anyone try this fairly new restaurant near Jungle Cruise? Are there ok choices for kids?
  2. bebert

    Pre-Trip First Disney Christmas

    Well we are finally 30 days out from our first WDW trip at Christmas time. I have been patiently waiting for the 30 day mark to hit so I could do a pre-trip, it was hard. :happy: I am going to attempt to do a live trip report so sometimes my partner in crime Caroline may be posting.This trip is...
  3. bebert

    MK Weddings, any one looked into this yet?

    Wait until my kids see this, I am for sure going to be broke in my old age. https://style.disney.com/news/2016/10/10/you-can-now-get-married-at-the-magic-kingdom-after-hours-and-its-totally-magical/
  4. bebert

    Trip Report Updated Trip Report: July 7th to July 13th

    So we are almost two weeks from the start of our trip to WDW and our group continues to grow and is now up to 28 people, many of them first timers. My immediately family has grown by one as we are in the process of adopting the little brother of the girl described in a post I have attached from...
  5. bebert

    Kind of but, not really a park related question

    During the past several months, my family helped close friends of ours bring the birth mother of their adopted son and his sister to the states to live. They previously lived in the Marshall Islands where it is very, very poor and also was an abusive situation with birth father. They are the...
  6. bebert

    Child on seperate reservation and Magic Band

    I searched for a thread on this but, did not find one so sorry if it is a repeat. For our trip in June my son is on another families room reservation. We are all supposed to arrive on the same day but, we will arrive earlier than the rest of the group (I don't have a lot of confidence they will...
  7. bebert

    VISA Disney Rewards Dollars

    Trying to get an idea of how to use the rewards card for our trip coming up in June. This would not the actual credit card but, the card we will receive from VISA with our reward dollars. We have booked the trip through a travel agent and will be on the dining plan. My questions are: How have...
  8. bebert

    1st trip to Disneyland in October

    This will be my first trip to Disneyland. I will be staying at the Disneyland hotel for a conference Oct 5-8. I visit WDW about every year but, I would like to know some must do's at Disneyland. They are offering at post 4:00 admission for $59 which sounds fine to me. I plan on staying at the...
  9. bebert

    Reflections on WDW from Thanksgiving week

    To start, I am a huge Disney fan and sometimes can wear my Rose Colored glasses too much. So, I went into this trip with an open mind and considering we were using Fastpass+, I was anticipating some issues. Overall, the trip was good and the crowd was much more considerate and courteous than our...
  10. bebert

    iPhone wait time app

    Who here uses it and who thinks it is fairly accurate?
  11. bebert

    Baylake Tower

    Hopefully going to upgrade to Bay Lake for Thanksgiving week. Anyone have a review of good and bad things about the resort?
  12. bebert

    Reflections on WDW Trip #1 for 2013

    I want to start this thread by saying I am a huge Disney fan and really dont complain about anything on my trips so, I am somewhat biased....this trip was a little different. Resort=POFQ The refurb of the resort was done perfectly and that was by far the best room I have ever stayed at in WDW...
  13. bebert

    Be Our Guest

    Just ate @ Be Our Guest tonight and the food and service was great. The restaurant itself really makes you feel like you are in the castle, very nice decor. Disappointing no Belle, just the Beast.
  14. bebert

    Cincinnati to WDW travel

    Going to WDW the first week of June and will be traveling 75 South. Anyone know of any good hotels or SAFE rest areas to grab a few hours of sleep south of Atlanta?
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