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  1. Victor Kelly

    STK no longer on Dining plan

    As reported on other Disney sites, STK is no longer on the Disney Dining Plan. I verfied this through the Disney website. I am curious as to the reason, but suspect they were overwhelmed even though it was two credits.
  2. Victor Kelly

    How do Uber and Lyft drivers pickup on Disney Property?

    I am contemplating becoming an Uber/Lyft driver soon, then moving to Orlando. I am very curious as to how drivers pick up and drop off on Disney property, parks and resorts. Can anyone explain how this works if you know first hand?
  3. Victor Kelly

    No hot water at POP.

    Our trip was in January of this year. And truth be old I have forgotten to post questions about this. Or room have tepid water at the most, no hot water. Did not matter the time of day, morning, noon our night, or even 4 in the morning. I did call the front desk, but it did not help very much...
  4. Victor Kelly

    Interesting articleish thingy I found by accident.

    http://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Disney-Cast-Member-Secrets-37170449#photo-37170449 Most of this I already knew like property size and construction and even some of the more basic of Disney required CM behavior. But can other facts be confirmed pertaining mainly to CMs?
  5. Victor Kelly

    Fair review of FP+, Memory Maker and Magic Bands part 2

    Memory Maker aka: Photopass On the whole, worth every penny to us. We had 617 photos done, which equals out to .28 cents per picture. Benefits are never having a member of your party missing from a picture. Most character locations have photopass photographers there. Photos are usually...
  6. Victor Kelly

    Fair review of FP+, Memory Maker and Magic Bands part 1

    I will state that I have had now 41 trips under my belt. Starting in 1975 and all the way to the last trip on Jan 7 to 17 in 2015. Yes, I can be a fan boy at times, and other times I can be a very vocal critic. This post is a mixture of both. Do not take this as bashing Disney, as a point of...
  7. Victor Kelly

    Tips, tricks, lessons learned.

    Ok, with the dining plan, FP+ and the hundreds of other variables out there bouncing off one another, I wanted to get a few things out there. 1. FP+ You can change it when you get there, yes. Guest services, hotel conceirge and FP+ kiosks are available. Please note that once you use or expire...
  8. Victor Kelly

    Trip Report January 7-17 2015

    Trip report 1/7-1/17. In a nut shell. All Disney Trip. No Universal days. Flew Southwest. Advantage car rental. Pop Century: A very well kept hotel. This was our second time staying there. The staff was superb and we received excellent service the entire time. We did online check in a few...
  9. Victor Kelly

    Why has there been no Walt AA

    I have been wondering this and after watching a History Chanel DVD about WDW, my wife and I were wondering why there has been no AA built of Walt. Is there a curse if they try? Or is it more they have to have the family's permission?
  10. Victor Kelly

    Disney January Marathon Crowds

    How big are the crowds for this endeavor by Disney? Are we talking traffic jams and hour long wait times at HM and POTC? Or are we talking moderate crowds?
  11. Victor Kelly

    Reservations before EMH opening

    Can we get reservations for Tusker House early enough to still take advantage of EMH opening? We want to eat before the park opens and be cruising to the attractions as the gates open.
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