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  1. Daniel Johnson

    Keys to the kingdom

    Our plan was to go down to Disney on March 20th (out anniversary) to go on the keys to the kingdom tour. We just called and the tour is booked up. Whats the chance someone cancels between now and then? Does that EVER happen? Any info you guys can give is much appreciated!
  2. Daniel Johnson

    Cheap place to just sleep...

    Planing a quick anniversary trip to MK. March 19-21. Going to do "keys to the kingdom" on the 20th. We need a place to just lay down and also a place I don't have to worry about my car getting broken into... Got any suggestions? Would like to get in under $350 for the three days
  3. Daniel Johnson

    Android smart watches...which apps to have?

    Getting a LG Urbane for Christmas... Wondering what apps are must have? Where do you get your watch faces? What do you like/dislike about the adroid smart watches? This isn't a Apple vs Android debate. I own all Android gear, but have no issue with the big Apple. I know they have a strong...
  4. Daniel Johnson


    Anyone been? Have any opinions? We got free tickets from the wife's work. I love gators, but, usually in a natural setting...thanks for any comments!
  5. Daniel Johnson

    Whats you go to lens in the park?

    I picked up a lightly used Nikon d3300 tonight with the kit lenses (18-55 vrII & 55-200) from a family friend. paid 225 for it, a mono pod, tripod, filters, two bags, WiFi adapter, remote, a sb400 external flash, and a few other odds and ends. I considered it a great deal, as I gave my Sony...
  6. Daniel Johnson

    how to embed instagram videos

    I tried and failed for a while to figure out how to embed a video from Instagram... even got on my laptop to do it, which there is actually a link to do so with on the main site. every time, this site says its not a unloadable video???? Is there a walk through on how to do this? Thanks for the...
  7. Daniel Johnson

    may the fouth...

    Be with you! https://instagram.com/p/2Pih-SDQM-/ @englanddg thanks so much for showing me a better way to upload this. Had no idea it was on youtube too!!!!
  8. Daniel Johnson

    favorite car movies?

    Just saw f&f7...I have to be honest, horrible acting, but some great car and fight scenes. I haven't seen any other f&f movies except the first, but, it got me craving other great car related movies... What's your favorite car movies?
  9. Daniel Johnson

    disney movie logos

    Found this post while surfing tonight, pardon the language of some of the comments on the post... http://sploid.gizmodo.com/the-complete-visual-history-of-the-walt-disney-logo-bef-1693575326 They only show three different logos though. There has to be more right? I've also always wondered...
  10. Daniel Johnson

    any straight razor shavers here?

    I'll be honest. I don't shave, I think have a pretty jacked up face, and since high school, I've had facial hair....anyway My brother is getting married in a few months, and I've wanted to get him something unique. I've seen all the engraved cheap knives and money clips. I just want to do...
  11. Daniel Johnson

    quotes disney DIDN'T make?

    http://factually.gizmodo.com/8-walt-disney-quotes-that-are-actually-fake-1692355588/+kcampbelldollaghan Found this while searching gizmodo....odd, I don't think I've heard any of them!
  12. Daniel Johnson

    what do you drive?

    Figured this is kinda my other love besides disney...so...what do you drive? I have a 2003 mazda miata. It's my daily driver. I rebuilt it, as I bought it from a junk yard in parts, it was rolled over in an accident. I also have a 1996 Ford ranger. Basically been in the family since new, it's...
  13. Daniel Johnson

    camera and lens rentals...

    Have you guys ever rented lenses or camera bodies from any place in Orlando on a trip to the world? A close friend was asking me about it tonight. I've checked out borrowedlenses online, and have seen a couple different rental stores in the Orlando area, but is it a decent deal to rent gear or...
  14. Daniel Johnson

    got a new camera... Sony a3000...conflicted though

    Hey all. I was at Sam's Club tonight, they had a display of the new Sony a3000...they compared it to nikon and Canon entry level dslr models. And it's a striking competitor. 20 mpix, 55-210mm & 18-55mm E mount lens as a bundle. Full specs here- http://m.store.sony.com/products/27-ILCE3000K~B...
  15. Daniel Johnson

    salesmen going to Disney for training

  16. Daniel Johnson

    medieval times

    Anyone have any current reviews or experience of medieval times? The wife really wants to go, and she doesn't get much into themed restaurants outside of Disney....yay or nay?
  17. Daniel Johnson

    keys to the kingdom question.

    The wife and I are planning a run down to Disney next month. For our anniversary we are planing on a keys to the kingdom. Do they still serve lunch? Is there any guide that is better than the rest? Can you ask to be paired with a specific guide? Thanks guys!
  18. Daniel Johnson

    "Disney Edition" vehicles

    Was researching this a while back while looking for my wife a new car. Needless to say there are not a lot of officially licenced disney edition cars out there! Did find this tonight.... http://www.theclippingpoint.net/japan-exclusive-disney-edition-smart-fortwo-electric-drive You guys know any...
  19. Daniel Johnson


    I'll admit it . I love disney world. Enough so, I went to universal once, only to uni, no IOA. It was before gringots. Though I loved the park, and HP...I just compared the whole thing to MK, food, rides, every bit of it.... We are headed to both uni parks the weekend of Valentine's. I'm going...
  20. Daniel Johnson

    cast member decals!

    my wife really wants one of these stickers....but is not a cast member! I've checked ebay and a couple sources with no luck...anyone know where regular folks can get this sticker ? Thanks!
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