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    Spider-Man meet&greet debuts at Disneyland Paris

    I think he looks pretty good. I still find kind of curious that they went for a character whose movie rights reside elsewhere.
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    Captain America - The Winter Soldier trailer

    Looks awesome =)
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    Star Wars Land and its layout

    Sorry if this post is borderline armchair imagineering, but I was thinking about the layout of this much rumored DLP expansion. At first i wasn't too happy about the news of a retheme of the backside of Discoveryland to a Star Wars mini land. Discoveryland is such a cool land, but right now its...
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    Mystic Manor video

    Just wow. The video mapping effects are amazing. The cartoony characters i think are actually good. And loved the singing armors.
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    First image of a detailed ****hai Disneyland model

    From the Disney Parks Blog:
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    DLP backstage documentary

    Just found this, and it's awesome, despite being all in french. Q
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    [RUMOUR] WDC Considers Buyout of Disneyland Paris

    http://business.time.com/2012/08/24/exclusive-walt-disney-co-considers-buyout-of-struggling-disneyland-paris/ (posted by user britincgn on MagicForum) What do you think? Q
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    Philippe Gas to resign in september?

    French site Radio Disney Club reports on rumors about EDL CEO Philippe Gas leaving in september to take the CEO position at HKDL. http://radiodisneyclub.fr/dpart-de-phillipe-gas/ Q
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    Greetings from Italy

    Long time lurker from Bologna, northern Italy, here. 32 yo, graphic designer, been only once to WDW in '96. Q
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