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  1. Piebald

    I think my pass expired

    I last went right before the holidays and just realized this weekend....I think my pass is expired. But I never got an email or anything about renewing. Am I screwed now because you cant buy new passes? I called the line and it said 2 hour wait so I noped real quick. Unfortunately I cant check...
  2. Piebald

    Another day, another guest foolishly bringing loaded gun into a park

    https://insidethemagic.net/2020/10/magic-kingdom-gun-kj1/ Havent seen any local news pick this up yet so apologies for the source but knowing an actual idiot who did this as well I know sometimes these stories evade news picking it up.
  3. Piebald

    What are Kylos appearance times?

    I've been to GE several times and have yet to see Kylo. Are there posted times?
  4. Piebald

    South Park episode Band In China

    Just wondering if anyone saw this episode last week. Yes yes, SP isnt the most mature or thought provoking TV show of all time but at times they can really provide a wacky social commentary worthy of discussion and not even a week later we are seeing the NBA deal with their own situation. For...
  5. Piebald

    Tokyo Trip Report from Mid April

    I got the chance to visit TDR last month as a portion of a larger Tokyo trip. It had always been a bucket list item for me to go to Japan and being that we love Disney it was a no brainer to visit the parks. My girlfriend I could tell was slightly apprehensive about Japan overall because she had...
  6. Piebald

    DLP in March

    How is it in March? We're going to Europe for several days and figured we'd take one day to check out DLP. Want to try both parks in one day, but I hear the Studios is really lame and probably not worth the hassle. Also, any tips on must sees in Paris besides the tower, Luxembourg Gardens and...
  7. Piebald

    Disney Dreamers Everywhere

    From my time working at Disney, I still keep in touch with a lot of friends in entertainment via various facebook groups and blogs. Recently, I've noticed a ton of rare (and I do mean rare) character appearances at what seem like very private, VIP type parties labeled Disney Dreamers. Does...
  8. Piebald

    Celebration VI

    Hi everyone, I won some tickets to Star Wars Celebration VI and I wanted to know if anyone had gone previously? I won the four day passes, which appear to simply be two laminated "passes" with Yoda on them. I'm picking them up tomorrow since my girlfriend picked them up for me and has them at...
  9. Piebald

    Another Bus Crash 4/3

    Orlando Sentinel is now reporting another bus crash on Disney property but offer no details on what type or bus or how serious the accident is. I'm signing off, but if anyone wants to search deeper hopefully it ends up being nothing serious.
  10. Piebald

    Disney Offers Volunteers Free Theme Park Ticket

    Didn't see this anywhere.. LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Disney will give a free one-day admission to one of its American theme parks in 2010 to people who volunteer. The promotion, called "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day," was announced on Tuesday. "In 2010, we want to recognize and add one...
  11. Piebald

    Superbowl pass question

    a shot in the dark but what if you lost the thing they sent in the mail? is it possible to show your ID and for them to look up the information or do you need the ticket you got in the mail? I'm 100% sure my mom threw it away when she came to visit me recently.. :brick:
  12. Piebald


    So last night I went to DHS for a few hours. I worked at DHS for almost two years and I used to go to the parks a lot as a kid. With that being said, I had an epiphany alst night and I don't know how to feel about it: Disney didn't feel the same for me. At all. I don't know why and maybe I...
  13. Piebald

    Paul Newman has passed away at 83.

    http://www.mercurynews.com/movies/ci_10576339 I guess we won't see Doc Hudson in Cars 2. I hope Disney/Pixar is smart enough to record Don Rickles voice for Mr. Potato Head because he's pretty old as well..
  14. Piebald

    Rehire Status

    Hey everyone. I was a CM for almost 2 years and I eventually got fired for attendance issues (Disney is not too kind when you have stuff to deal with but no hard feelings). I was going to literally leave the day after this happened so it wouldn't have mattered too much since I had a new job...
  15. Piebald

    Free tickets to Less Than Jake

    I won two tickets to LTJ at House of Blues Downtown Disney on Thursday and I was wondering if anyone on here was interested in going with me. Let me know..
  16. Piebald

    Looking for a roommate in Orlando

    I need a roommate in Orlando ASAP!! I live by the airport and I need to rent out my second bedroom. It is fully furnished and the building has two pools, hot tub, gated parking, gym, security cameras,etc. Rent is 550$ with everything included and I need to find someone pronto......If you need...
  17. Piebald

    I need a roommate in Orlando

    I am going to give this a shot here as well as the Vacation Homes, Housing, etc forum ... I need a roommate in Orlando ASAP!! I live by the airport and I need to rent out my second bedroom. It is fully furnished and the building has two pools, hot tub, gated parking, gym, security...
  18. Piebald

    Remember to appreciate the life you have

    I just wanted to let everyone know to appreciate their lives and everything they have. I had a rough day today at work where I had a mom come into the ER telling me she was going to sign in her son. I asked her what was wrong and she said they were at Disney and noticed he had a lot of bruises...
  19. Piebald

    UCF Universal Knights

    Figured I'd post this here before it got moved to the Universal forum where 4 people frequent. Is anyone attending Universal Knight this year? It's April 11 8pm-1am and tickets are being distributed starting next week I believe. If you go to UCF and don't know what this is, basically it's...
  20. Piebald

    Tinkerbell Meet and Greet

    Today I saw an audition ad posted backstage looking for some new friends to help Tinkerbell and her fairy friends come to life. I don't usually read the threads but if this hasn't been brought up before I guess I'll go ahead and throw it out there for anyone who still doubts Tinkerbell will be...
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