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  1. KingOfEpicocity


    Im back! What'd i miss? Basically what i've been working on is a recreation of Epcot and DAK in RCT3. Thought i would like to share my progress and take in suggestions/ comments about the game and my work. Keep in mind that Its my own idealized version, not an exact copy! so ive got original...
  2. KingOfEpicocity

    RUMOR: Great Movie Ride to be replaced by Mickey Mouse attraction.

    http://*****.com/blog/2016/08/rumor-the-great-mickey-ride-replacing-movie-ride-at-disneys-hollywood-studios/ Is there any truth to this?
  3. KingOfEpicocity

    can I still see WOL?

    Im going to Disney world this October and I was planning on going into WOL for the food and wine festival. i am a huge fan of the old WOL and id like to see some of the old stuff. I have seen and heard from multiple sources that the M.E.T facade and Cranium command theater and still in tact. Can...
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