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  1. BryceM

    Imagineering on WDWMagic: A Short Hello to an Old Studio

    So glad to hear from you! We had fun, didn't we? I've recently been looking through all the old posts, especially Master of the Parks, and I was feeling extremely nostalgic.
  2. BryceM

    RnRC New Theme Discussion

    I would LOVE that.
  3. BryceM

    Universal Orlando Getting Bigger, Better, Wetter, Wilder

    Which would practically defeat the purpose of the attraction and just generate capacity issues to the point that you would most likely be complaining about how their biggest misstep was allowing one park guests to ride.
  4. BryceM

    Planning a trip to USF

    Lol, I thought of University of South Florida too.
  5. BryceM

    Is the clock ticking on the Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon at the Studios? YES!

    Has anyone noticed what the GP's reaction to this has been? I'm only imaging negative reactions and opinions to it's deconstruction.
  6. BryceM

    Could this be Universal twisting the knife!?!?!

    Seuss Landing is still one of the best designed lands, ever.. IMO.
  7. BryceM

    Jurassic park Archway Removed

    Can they move the other arch back too? I'm tired of seeing Jurassic/Potter.
  8. BryceM

    Universal Picture of the Day

    Me either, I would be so upset.
  9. BryceM

    IOA 16th of August

    There could be a private event going on.. I feel like there is always some sort of company renting the park out.
  10. BryceM

    My first Uni Trip (with comparisons)

    Universal Studios is actually a very pretty park, to me. I don't find it to be all that choppy, except for certain things like Production Central (where the point is to be choppy, sadly) and Kid Zone. New York, San Francisco, Hollywood, London, Diagon Alley and Springfield are all distinct...
  11. BryceM

    Trip thoughts Uni from July 7-10

    Loved this! Which park did you overall prefer, Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure?
  12. BryceM

    Construction & Expansion Thread

  13. BryceM

    USF Then And Now - Photo Comparisons

    Love this. I would also like to see IoA, because there hasn't been as many changes as USF and it would be interested what actually has changed since 1999, besides WWoHP. This also makes me miss Back to the Future. As much as I love Springfield, The Simpsons Ride and it's immediate surroundings...
  14. BryceM

    Universal Picture of the Day

    It's in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.
  15. BryceM

    HHN Scariness Level

    Yeah, while you're going through the houses it is basically a long line. Though, it still can get scary... But not frightening like it would be if it was just you or a small group of friends going through the houses. Some of the street scares are really good! I remember one got me pretty badly...
  16. BryceM

    Can you do Universal Studios in 1 day

    Horror Make-Up is really worth seeing. I'm not a HUGE fan of shows, but this one is truly great.
  17. BryceM

    The Spirited Seventh Heaven ...

    I like SeaWorld in that I think it's a pretty park (in some places), and I love the roller coasters. Kraken, Manta and Journey to Atlantis make the day for me. Everything else, I can easily skip, besides the aquariums. I really dislike pretty much all of the shows. I haven't experienced...
  18. BryceM

    Diagon Alley details revealed - spoiler alert

    Oh! I completely forgot about that part of the movie. That's so amazing... I love how Universal is making these homages.
  19. BryceM

    Idea for a Universal 3rd gate

    Correct. The pictures (which didn't work) focused on the extreme detailing put on each of the facades for their respective cities. It didn't have anything to do with the attractions themselves... But it makes sense on what Matt is saying on how they could easily be themed into other lands. Like...
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