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  1. Steel City Magic

    Paper fastpass ticket checklist.

    Hi all! I have decided to start collecting the old wdw paper fastpass tickets, and just trying to compile a checklist of all attractions that had fastpass tickets before they went away. Any help would be great. So far my collection in park order includes: General fastpass ticket Magic Kingdom...
  2. Steel City Magic

    Ride Backstory and Continuity

    Just curious, and wanted an opinion. With all the stories and movies out already, what is considered disney canon when it comes to backstory, especially for the rides. Some stories downright contradict others. Personally I get a kick out of the magic kindoms comics, and the S.E.A. continuity but...
  3. Steel City Magic

    wdw parks construction podcast?

    Hey all, I've been flying alot lately and I've discoved that podcasts really get me through a long flight. I was curious if anyone could recommend a good one? Seems all the ones I've found are more Disney cinema or marvel, less WDW and certainly not about new construction, imagineering or d23...
  4. Steel City Magic

    spur of the moment

    So my wdw trips arent going to be the most conventional... My fiance is about to become a flight attendant, I'll be able to fly free anytime i please. So my question is where might i find the cheapest bed and shower for the night if i have 2 days off and decide to hop a flight to the world with...
  5. Steel City Magic

    member titles

    Forgive me if this has been posted somewhere else... (I'm sure it has) but how are member titles awarded? New member, well known member? I know new member is someone new and gold member (or something like that) is someone with a membership but what about member and well known etc? # of likes...
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