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  1. andysol

    Blizzard Beach Expansion

    https://twitter.com/skylor/status/878745481601482754 Runoff rapids has been closed for a while with no signs of any work being done as mentioned here: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/runoff-rapids-water-slides-at-blizzard-beach-closed-for-refurbishment.924128/ With Disney already...
  2. andysol

    Kubo and the Two Strings

    Just watched this tonight. No Disney- it's actually only the 4th film from Laika studios who did coralline, paranorman, and box trolls. Thought I'd share it as I'm hoping word of mouth makes it more successful as it deserves it. Absolutely brilliant for any film- but particularly a family...
  3. andysol

    So this just happened at universal

    My first trip ever back in September when it was just my 6 yr old daughter and I was great. Stayed 3 nights at Royal pacific. Upgraded to an annual pass. Had a very nice guy who managed forbidden journey let us go to the front as many times as we wanted (which was 4 over the course of the...
  4. andysol

    Extra hour for on-site stay question

    so I'll be there on site on the 24th, 25th and 26th. Those are all HHN nights. I read, because of that, early admission will be to USF NOT IoA. Now- that said, looking at their webpage and app- IoA hours are 9am-8pm on Thursday the 24th, and 8am-5pm at USF(because of HHN). Does that "8am"...
  5. andysol

    Free Event at Typhoon Lagoon for DVC Members July 23, 28 & Aug 4, 11

    Finally- a fantastic new perk for DVC members. Am I dreaming? I'll take this over Welcome home wednesdays for sure! Free admission to Typhoon lagoon at 7pm. From 9:30pm-12:30am DVC members have exclusivity to the water park. Food and drinks included. "Many of the parks water slides"- so...
  6. andysol

    Disney No Longer Including Appetizers for Deluxe Dining Plan

    Assumed I should put this here as it's "news"- but feel free to move it to dining if mods feel differently. https://wdpromedia.disney.go.com/media/wdpro-assets/cart/resort-add-ons/dining-plans/january-2016-deluxe-dining-plan.pdf Cya later Appetizers. Just entree and dessert now. ETA...
  7. andysol

    Free water parks pass for closed pool

    I'm staying at the Bay Lake in September and the last 2-3 days of my trip they are refurbishing the contemporary pool. While I doubt they'd do it for us Bay Lake folks- would the contemporary people get passes for typhoon or blizzard during those couple days? And if that's the case- do they...
  8. andysol

    Star Wars Park?

    Got this from another forum I follow: The new trailer for Star Wars VII was just released by Bob Iger and JJ Abrams to the crowd at the Star Wars Celebration converntion in Anaheim. You can see it below. CNBC interviewed Iger immediately after the trailer was shown. He was beaming with...
  9. andysol

    Free Winnie thePooh shorts on iTunes

    Didn't know if anyone cared- but here's a bunch of free Winnie the pooh shorts on iTunes: Stout and Round by Wolfgang Reitherman https://itun.es/us/tMQzC Also: Climb a tree heffumps Heffalumps and Woozles Pooh's game Owl's house Pooh and gopher Pooh meets tigger The rain came down Stuck at...
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