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  1. Bairstow

    Skyiner Princess Shirt

    Anyone know where I can find this shirt in kid's sizes?
  2. Bairstow

    Trip Report Video Trip Report - early November 2019 - how many grown adults does it take to bring a baby to Disney World?

    My sister has long been a fan of the Phil Emma and Ben YouTube videos, so I've tried my hand at making some of her own for her. This trip was last November (2019) 9-13 when Madeline brought her husband David and their baby to Disney for the first time. My older sister Betsy and my friend Katie...
  3. Bairstow

    Pandoraland Soundtrack now available on iTunes.

    This is pretty exciting in my opinion, as this is the first time in a while Disney has released a specialised theme park "album". It's especially surprising because this release doesn't coincide with a promotion or the park opening or anything. ]
  4. Bairstow

    Disney's Artemis Fowl

    The trailer is out! I haven't read the books but this looks kind of familiar...
  5. Bairstow

    DIY Splash Mountain

    Good thing Disney still allows cameras on the rides.
  6. Bairstow

    Has anyone been to Fun Spot Kissimmee since they built Mine Blower?

    I'm a big fan of the Orlando location, but I wasn't very impressed by the attractions or atmosphere of their Kissimmee park. This new coaster looks like the fanciest thing at either place, and hopefully will bring some more attention to the park. Has anyone been there to see it yet? It's only...
  7. Bairstow

    Observation: Animal Kingdom always does a really fantastic job of themeing its ride vehicles.

    With photos of the new Avatar land ride vehicles out, something has occurred to me- every single ride at that park does a really amazing job of contextualizing why each ride is there, who you are as a guest, and why you're getting into a ride vehicle that looks the way it does. No other Disney...
  8. Bairstow

    Kraken VR

    Yes, lawd. Official announcement will probably be tomorrow.
  9. Bairstow

    A fascinating inside peek at early '80s WED and Horizons - Ned Landon's Retirement Video

    As an artifact into the creation of EPCOT, this thing is Rosetta Stone-tier.
  10. Bairstow

    SeaWorld admits to planting agent provocateur in PETA

    Sometimes I get the feeling that this might not be the most ethically-run theme park in the world. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_SEAWORLD_SPYING_CLAIMS?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-02-25-12-54-55
  11. Bairstow

    Disney Animation that isn't Disney Animation

    I heard on a recent podcast that Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore wasn't actually animated by Disney, and sure enough, it turns out the short was produced by Rick Reinert Productions. I knew that the very Disney-looking animated beginning sequence for Enchanted was also done by outside...
  12. Bairstow

    Sandy Duncan Conquers Disneyland

    Imagine you could do anything you wanted inside any Disneyland ride. ...and there's a film crew there to film your stomping around inside/on top of the attractions. Well imagine, no more. Also, Michael Jackson is there.
  13. Bairstow


  14. Bairstow

    Does anyone actually understand how to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom?

    I swear I've Googled this, but I honestly can't find a good explanation of how the game actually works. I've asked the CMs who dole out the cards at the firehall, and they looked at me like I was an idiot and said you're supposed to hold the cards up to win. Look, I know this isn't exactly Eye...
  15. Bairstow

    Your favorite official Disney park T-shirts, past and present.

    So on my last trip to the World, I noticed that the quality of T-shirt designs, overall, is a little better this year than it has been in the past. I still wasn't willing to shell out $30 a shirt, but I can tell that they're trying. It made me wonder, though- surely SOME people are buying all...
  16. Bairstow

    The Brazilian tour groups: is Disney taking action?

    So I just got back from an unexpected four-day trip in mid July and the south/central American tour groups were in full force, as usual, but something seemed different. Their behavior, uniformly, across all four days of our trip, was much, much better than I've seen in the past. No running...
  17. Bairstow

    Swimming in the quiet pools after-hours: does anyone actually care?

    Does Disney security actually care if people swim in the quiet pools after the posted hours?
  18. Bairstow

    Complete gear guide for theme park commandos. Serious Business.

    Everyone knows that going to a theme park is serious business, and certainly no time to play around. You've saved for months and traveled for days to get there, so it's imperative to get in, ride everything thrice, and get out before the tour groups can catch up. After all; if you had wanted to...
  19. Bairstow

    New Mack Spinning coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa: Cobra's Curse

    If it's anything like Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm, this thing should be a blast, with lots of re-ridability. http://behindthethrills.com/2015/05/cobras-curse-unleashed-on-family-thrills-as-new-coaster-puts-spin-on-family-fun-at-busch-gardens-tampa/ Lame name, though. They should be...
  20. Bairstow

    Poll: Attractions in which you think the Disneyland version is superior

    After the Hatbox Ghost was installed, it seems like there's more discussion of which stateside versions of certain attractions are superior. While the default forum polls aren't the best things fore measuring this kind of sentiment, I thought it might be fun to take a stab at creating one like...
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