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  1. Miketic

    Possible Changes to Toy Story Midway Mania Queue

    I was venturing out the park on Tuesday (May 10) and was checking out the closed area at the end of Pixar Place. I noticed that the end there were was queue set up outside the ride and at the corner of the building is possibly a new exit for most likely the new track.
  2. Miketic

    DHS Soundstage 1 Renovation - Toy Storia Mania expansion

    Rode it today, not much changed in the ride but part of the queue was changed with the Mr. Potato area and the wall to the right of it are walled off.
  3. Miketic

    Star Wars Launch Bay coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios later this year

    Here's two albums of my pictures that I took of opening day for both Launch Bay and Club Disney: http://imgur.com/a/WiNvf http://imgur.com/a/GRRGX I'm also uploading videos of the Launch Bay and Club Disney.
  4. Miketic

    Star Wars Battlefront Beta Starts Today

    I'm playing it via PC and it's very fun. It has a unique feeling that doesn't make it like any other shooter and a sense of nostalgia from the old Battlefront games. I am very tempted to get the game when it officially comes out.
  5. Miketic

    Watto's Grotto to reopen at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Here's my album of the pictures for the merchandise: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/media/albums/wattos-grotto.132/
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