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  1. Miketic

    Possible Changes to Toy Story Midway Mania Queue

    I was venturing out the park on Tuesday (May 10) and was checking out the closed area at the end of Pixar Place. I noticed that the end there were was queue set up outside the ride and at the corner of the building is possibly a new exit for most likely the new track.
  2. Miketic

    Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights in Minecraft

    Created on the MCMagic Servers, it is the first to replicate the the show in some form and have it dance. It only consist of the introduction of turning on the lights and one dance sequence to Trans Siberian Orchestra's Carol of the Bells. Not the best but it is difficult to program it in Minecraft.
  3. Miketic

    Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights Cast Preview 2014

    Here are my recordings of some of the dancing lights taken during the Cast Preview on November 5, 2014.
  4. Miketic

    "A Frozen Holiday Wish" Debut

    Here's my recording of the first show of the new Cinderella Castle light up on November 5, 2014.
  5. Miketic

    Serving S'mores at Fantasmic!

    Recently started.
  6. Miketic

    Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Introduction Script

    Random right? The reason I attempted to transcribed this is because I need it for my gaming community within Minecraft (long story). So since no one has ever done it before, here is my transcription of the entire introduction. *Note: This may not be 100% correct as I am missing a few words and...
  7. Miketic

    Last Show of Frozen Fireworks

    Taken between Indiana Jones and sign up location for Jedi Training. Not the best quality but oh well, just let it go.
  8. Miketic

    Astro Orbiter Testing

    While waiting for HalloWishes at the Contemporary, I noticed the ride spinning so should be expecting early or on time for reopening on September 28.
  9. Miketic

    Frozen Fireworks Spectacular

    This was taken on Monday 7/7 and I was recording next to the Oasis Canteen where Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is.
  10. Miketic

    Symphony in the Stars Glow Ears

    When I saw it tonight (May 18) I noticed that the camera guys had the Glow with the Show Ears on top of their cameras while filming for the giant monitor for the pre-show and they were synced into the show when it started. My best guess is that they are running late on making sure the sequence...
  11. Miketic

    New Main Street Hub through mcMagic (Minecraft)

    Here at mcMagic, we already built out the planned expansion of the hub and honestly, we are excited for the real one! These are based by the video rendering Disney released.
  12. Miketic

    Holiday Wishes Lyrics/Script

    Just because I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet and needed it for Minecraft (long story). So here's the lyrics to the Holiday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season and please note that there are still some parts missing since I mostly retrieved this from listening...
  13. Miketic

    Walt Disney World on Minecraft

    Welcome to MCMagic! A world where a group of gamers recreate the entire resort of Walt Disney World. Our mission: To create a family-friendly environment while building and sharing a world where we replicate Walt Disney World for those who have never been there and venture it virtually...
  14. Miketic

    40 years of the Electrical Water Pageant

    "Water will also serve as a ‘stage’ in Walt Disney World. Lakeside and on the lagoon, fireworks shows and water spectacles will be presented – even including special ‘parades." These words printed in the 1970 “Walt Disney World Preview” book certainly ring true when you think of the...
  15. Miketic

    Almost 10 Years of the Empty River Country

    Since it closed November 2, 2001, it has been just sitting there all this time next to For Wilderness Campgrounds. It has been through abandonment, overgrown of wildlife, even the four major hurricanes of '04. Even right now, its still there just falling apart while guest still stare off the...
  16. Miketic

    Disney's Christmas Day Parade '07 Taping

    (found out while searching HSM2 on youtube) They were taping this on Nov. 11 and 12 on both DL and WDW, and saw high school musical and miley cyrus singing and ryan seacrest, regis and kelly hosting it... has anybody been to the taping times and seen them acually recording everything on those...
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