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  1. The_CEO

    Expedition Everest Recreation - Check it out!

    This is absolutely amazing, I stumbled upon this online the other day and it really looks like they have gone ALL out and recreated the whole experience! I wanted to share some photos with you all because I KNOW you would appreciate it! From what I hear they will release it coming early next...
  2. The_CEO

    Expedition Everest Train Question

    Alright everyone! I have a serious question in hopes of a serious answer. I am working on a project and am in need of dimensions. Does anyone know the dimensions of the an Expedition Everest coaster train? Not the entire ride vehicle, but the three tiered vehicle that are connected together. So...
  3. The_CEO

    Disney Central IRC

    Hey everyone, Back in I think 04' Disney Central was the THING to get into. This included hundreds of unique what seemed original park music not just recordings. Does anyone know if this still exists today? I tried looking it up on Mirc but didnt find it. J
  4. The_CEO

    Old 50's PSA

    Hi Guys, Currently editing a video and need some help. Anyone who can help me gets a magic internet cookie.. I am looking for some vintage 50's PSA music, somewhat of just instrumental with no lyrics.. I am putting together an introduction to a video I am making and need some music...
  5. The_CEO

    Make a Wish - "UP"

    This story made me teary eyed!! Direct from yahoo.com
  6. The_CEO

    Coming Soon to Downtown Disney - DIANA–"The People’s Princess”

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation, Inc. (PPCF) is bringing “DIANA–The People’s Princess” – a major new exhibit of royal artifacts – to Walt Disney World Resort. Opening in early July 2009, this limited-time experience showcases the life and story of one of the...
  7. The_CEO


    I was looking back at my older posts and I personally knew I was absent from these boards from sometime... But I noticed one thing, I did not post ONCE in 2007... How odd!!! Happy New Year!
  8. The_CEO

    Horrible Experience at Tutto Italia

    Hello Everyone, If someone could please fill me in on how this restaurant receives rave reviews? I ate there this last Friday and was far from impressed. I understand they are trying to separate themselves from Alfredo's, previous occupant, but they went a little to far. I found the staff...
  9. The_CEO


  10. The_CEO


    sdfasdf http://www.universalignited.com/HHN15/BillandTed2005.WMV
  11. The_CEO

    Age to book a room at disney?

    What is the minimum age to book some nights at a disney value resort? THANKS!! Justin
  12. The_CEO

    Primeval Clone

    I spy a clone - Primeval Whirl @ Pleasurewood Hills.. I think it was built first though! :)
  13. The_CEO

    ESPN Illuminations..

    I am watching some sort of combat " kick teaming" or something on ESPN or ESPN 2 right now.. All to the Illuminations music! :lol: They seem to of used the music for the demo.
  14. The_CEO

    Test #3,039

    Just trying to annoy you with a test. Did it work?
  15. The_CEO

    One HECK of a sand storm!

    I didn't know things like this existed. My friend in Iraq sent me these pictures. Taken 26 April 2005 at the Al Asad Air Base, Iraq. The Mummy LIVES. Once it's over them it's black as night.. Crazy weather geek here.. <-------------
  16. The_CEO

    Sony Financing

    Has anybody gone through this? I maybe need to do this and was wondering what people's experience with it was? THANKS!
  17. The_CEO

    We Have A New Pope.

  18. The_CEO

    How did I start this thread?

    I am not even near a comuter. I should not leave myself logged in to a public computer anymore.
  19. The_CEO

    Mouse Planet LMA Article Writer

    It seems Brian Bennett who writes for Mouse Planet, doesn't get the whole idea of bringing LMA from France over here to Orlando. This is a direct quote from his article: http://www.mouseplanet.com/eyesonorlando/bb050317.htm Does he not understand disney is doing this because the whole...
  20. The_CEO

    My Disney Trip Music Video 2005

    I have made a music video out of "Almost " by: Bowling For Soup. The footage is of my trip from about 2 weeks ago. It is 3 minutes 41 seconds long and is pretty entertaining. I'm sharing this video with WDWMagic members first before I release it to my site. I hope you all enjoy it and please...
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