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    WDW Overlays

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but can anyone give any good reliable info as to why WDW has almost no overlays? Besides Jingle Cruise, I can't think of anything. Why no Star Wars Space Mountain? Why no Nightmare before Christmas HM?
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    Should Disney look into Virtual Queues?

    So with the launch of Volcano Bay, Universal has dived head first into the land of no queues. I understand it has not been a very smooth launch but I expect it to eventually work itself out. Should Disney look into this for future attractions? Basically give everyone access to the same system...
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    Marathon Sunday nightmare

    Maybe i should have researched things a bit but me and my wife just had the wosrt yime we have ever had at WDW. We planned this trip specifically to watch the final rope drop. We were out on the first bus from the resort which normally takes 15 minutes to get to MK. It took an hour and a half...
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