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    Muppets Classical Music

    I figured this would be something Disney (and Muppet!) lovers would all love. Muppets do classical music! http://www.yesbutnobutyes.com/archives/2008/07/muppet_marketin.html
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    Saratoga Springs - Best Building??

    I'm leaving for Disney in just a couple days and will be staying at the Saratoga Springs Resort? If you've stayed there, what building would you recommend and why?
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    Something you've never done in WDW... but want to do on your next trip!

    Hi everyone! I'm heading down to WDW in July for a week. I've been numerous times and am a former CP; however, there are still some things that I've never done - and want to do during this trip. I'm trying to make a really big list of interesting, small little things to do throughout my week...
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    New Return 2 Zero CD

    Hi! I know many people enjoy hearing Return 2 Zero (Four for a Dollar) before the Beauty and the Beast stage show at the Studios, so I wanted to be the first to let everyone know that they have just released a brand new CD and it sounds like a lot of fun! For anyone interested, it can be...
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    New Disney Trivia Blog

    Hi everyone! A week and a half ago, I started a Disney trivia blog called, "Daily Dose of Disney Trivia." I wanted to share it with everyone here because I thought no group of people would appreciate it more than the WDWMagic faithful! I would love comments, questions, and suggestions on...
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    P. Sherman's First Name

    According to two different sources, I have two different answers for P. Sherman's first name. Wikipedia says it's Phillip but the soundtrack to Finding Nemo: The Musical says Pablo. Can someone help me?!?!!? Thanks in advance!
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    Adventurer's Club Actor

    Hi everyone. I was just watching one of the all-time comedic masterpieces "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector" and there was an actor who played a maitre d who reminded me a lot like this guy from the Adventurer's Club. http://www.adventurersclub.net/id38.htm I believe the credits listed...
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    New MK Parade

    I did a thread search and didn't see anything posted about this so I'm sorry if this is already out - but I just heard from an inside source at the Magic Kingdom that Entertainment is set to roll out a new daytime parade there beginning August 10. Jiminy Cricket is set to be the host which is...
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    Haunted Mansion Mini-Update 2/13

    A couple enhancements/minor refurbs have been made to the Haunted Mansion during the past week. First, the aging man portrait in the foyer has received a new bulb in the projector or new slides because the portrait is very vivid as far as the color is concerned and is not jumping or doing...
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    Walkin' Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA

    HELP! Does anyone have the audio to the song that goes... "I'm walkin' right down the middle of Main Street USA... it's the heart of America, the heartbeat of a holiday..." I'm also looking for some Return 2 Zero (Four For a Dollar) songs that have been recorded live... and are not on any of...
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    Warner Bros./Soarin' Connection in "Pirates" trailers!??!

    Alright folks...here's something that blew my mind... I was sitting watching the trailers before Pirates today and came upon one by Warner Bros. with Haley Joel Osment and two old guys and had something to do with a Lions or something...anyway...the music sounded very very familiar. I was...
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    Because GE brings good things to life...

    Does anyone have the "Because GE brings good things to life, in just 5 minutes Epcot will present Illuminations: Reflections of Earth!" spiel in a wav or mp3 format? Thanks in advance and have a truly MAGICAL day!
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    Show Stopper!

    Alright Disney fans...which show is YOUR favorite? They're all over the place in good ol' Buena Vista so...Illuminations? Fantasmic? Festival of the Lion King? Tarzan Rocks? Beauty and the Beast? Hunchback of Notre Dame (deceased)...etc...Give me your imput! And have a Disney kinda day.
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    the most awesome trip to wdw

    i was in wdw from aug 17-23 and it was just awesome. there was a rainbow behind cinderella castle, we saw space mountain w/the lights on via the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, saw La Nouba, Fantasmic was cancelled mid-show due to a techincal difficulty...it was great! what's your most...
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