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  1. JLipnick

    George Lucas at studios today?

    At MK today and a cast member, one of the manager types, told me George Lucas was at studios today. Anyone else hear/see that? Wasn't sure if an announcement was coming. Again just something I heard.
  2. JLipnick

    Separate AvatarLand Forum?

    I assume we will start seeing bulldozers on the ground starting the ground clearing sometime in the next few weeks once FOTLK and CMM officially close. Will we see a separate forum created like we saw for the New Fantasyland?
  3. JLipnick

    Star Wars Weekends Question...

    I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to what WDW does when there are 5 weekends in May rather than the normal 4 in terms of star wars weekends. Do they still do the last two in May and the first two in June? or do they do three weekends in May and the first in June? we had spoken to...
  4. JLipnick

    Princess Fairytale Hall - when is it supposed to open?

    Just wondering if anyone knows when PFTH is supposed to open? I know 2013, but has anyone seen any time frames?
  5. JLipnick

    Star Wars weekends 2013?

    does anyone have any insight into when the star wars weekends will be in 2013? we want to plan a quick trip to wdw to use SW air credits and use our AP before they expire but we want to schedule around the SWw as I am a HUGE SW fan and was told i have to be there for this event.
  6. JLipnick

    Problems printing AP FLE preview emails

    anyone else having problems printing out the confirmation emails for the AP FLE preview? it is not formatted correctly and i cannot get it to print out the entire email. it cuts off the left side. Edit: as we already used the emails to get into the AP FLE preview, i wanted to delete this...
  7. JLipnick

    Expected Completion time frame for GF DVC?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew what the time frame was for the GF DVC opening?
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